Goodbye 2009

I opened this year in Namsan watching the first sunrise and today I went there again ^_^

At first there was no plan to go anywhere, but somehow around 3:30 friend asked whether I have a plan or not, they will go to other places at nite. But I prefer not to go at nite, since the weather is still brrr brrr…

Yihaaa…it will go to -14C hohoho it’s gonna be colder than last year…Good luck for those who stay overnite in Namsan ^_^

Goodbye to 2009, welcome 2010…
Happy new year
wish you luck and always health and happy~~~
새해복 많이 많이 많이 받으시고 항상 건강하시고 행복하세용~~~

So the talk continued, like she wasn’t believe that i will not going anywhere kkkk. Well last year i spent the new year eve and new year in the middle of the crowd, so i think that’s enough kkk, moreover I still have things that have to be done…

But somehow i was stuck in my computer screen..the idea didn’t come out and suddenly wanted some refreshing… And what’s on my mind was…sunset ^_^ and the nearest best place to see was nowhere else but Namsan (Seoul tower).

Since the sunset was 5:23PM so we went 4:30++ from lab, prepared this and that, waited for the bus and a bit walked. We arrived around 5:40PM. No more full mr.sun, we were welcomed with mr.full moon, but the color of the sky was great : )
And there weren’t many people *Yihaaaa* As i predicted, since sunset is not must-to-see thing for Korean, while first sunrise is can be put as a must-to-see thing.

And somehow I saw some couples already there, I think they prepare to stay overnight there, like in front the cafe (or no idea) to see the first sunrise.
(Now i know why there were so many people already there when I came here on 2009 new year)

So so…goodbye mr.sun (for 2009)….

Welcomed with moonrise

Yeah reach the 501st post ^_^

Happy happy haum year…

*time to reflect and post new resolutions ^_^*


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