Jan 5th 10, 10PM and -11C outside *brrrr*

Hey ho… still alive in here… just a bit sunken in a snow revision stuff. I was away from the net from Sat, since I went out and my PC can’t connected to network while working with some stuff…

Well after a beautiful heavy snow fall yesterday, KoreaTimes said it’s the heaviest since 1937, the weather is getting colder and colder now… (winter getaway is needed ^^)

How cold?

hmm let’s see today’s weather forecast…

Hohoho.. day after tomorrow is gotta be the lowest, kyaaa…-16C.

Gotta be natural refrigerator outside ^__^ (note : don’t go out with wet hair, nor put wet clothes outside, but feel free to try if u r curious with that ^^)

And today is the electric day for me cos I got more than 10 times static electricity with my stuff today. I have no idea what changed me into electric girl, but at least it’s good ^^ cos i could stay away from coffee and keep awake cos of that.

But it’s tiring : ( , cos everytime I touch the laptop… *zap*… ,touch the door handle …*zap*…, fix the touch device …*zap*… ,back to laptop again …*zap*… , touch the PC for plug in the USB…*zap*… , back to the device and laptop for setting the user test… *zap*…*zap*…*zap*……… even with my digicam I got a zap!! *gosh what a zap day*
I’ve put off my wool sweater, wool socks, put on the hand lotion but still zap zap… no wonder I don’t feel any sleepy at all today…..but one day is enough please~~~have mercy on my heart ^^

Just another weather post to keep me alive on the net for a while ^^.
*time to go back to lab after got recharged (read : eat SamGyeopSal)^^*

*updated : 08:13AM, Jan 6th*
another kyaaaaa….. still not finish but gotta go back for take a bath xixixixi *crazy days*


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