See you tomorrow

See you tomorrow, for sure ^___^

That’s what my dad said yesterday on the chat hohoho… and today i texted them :” see u tonite~~”

Yups, now in Kansai – Osaka airport, waiting for the next flight to hometown. No idea how cold is outside, but one thing for sure, it’s warm in here…
Take off my jacket, put my stuff near me, having whoppers in front of me and using the free inet in here alone! Yes I’m the only passenger in here hhahaha… still 1.5 hours for my flight~

Finally after stayed up all nite for thesis, slept late for packaging last nite, woke up late this morning, and here I am, waiting for my flight. Thank G…
Nothing to do but blogging kkkk  *since can’t open messanger*

Gotta be very careful with my handbag now…cos it worths more that $4,000 huahuahuahua crazy huh…. Well unfortunately of course that’s not mine inside my bag. A friend’s relative asked for help to buy bags in duty free shop, and to see the stuff price in DFS was really shocked me….
And not just that… there were many people there to buy hohoho, even had to take a queue to enter the shop.

Well, that’s my first time to go to dfs and to see those branded products’ price *ndeso nya keluar de hihihi* the only thing that I bought there was…… Seaweed xixixixi

A bit tired cos lack of sleep during last week, n today, brought the 24.5kg luggage, then laptop then handbag hohoho…count it as exercise la~~
And guess what… that luggage is heavy because of…. LIQUOR huahuahuahua… and oil…
First time went back i brought some korean accessories, and now the second totally different haha, I bring Soju, Makeolli, Vitamins, Ginseng and Oil (grape oil, ganolla oil, olive oil). So no wonder it’s pretty heavy huh… But not a lot just one for each type loo….

So so… get ready for winter getaways and home (that i’ve never seen b4 xixi) ^___^

*Thnx G for the oppurtunity*


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