Back to Routinity

*post from email*

Finally…I’m back (sad n happy ^^)
Sad cos now I miss home already, but happy cos it means I’ll continue my life as a student again~
Though continuing life as a mom n dad’s lil gal is fun, but gotta wake up n be independent also..

Every time I went back to home, I always feel like no matter how far I’ve gone, I always back to be a lil girl in front of mom n dad.
Enjoyed the late breakfast that already prepared, then had a chit chat with mom n dad.
Went out with bro n sis in law, went out with mom n dad… talked bout this and that…
Miss those times already…
I wish i could always be a good lil girl for them and make them happy…

So, here I am, in lab again ^^
With darker skin (face n hand only xixixi), a bit wavy hair (kkk better not to try to imagine tat) and presentation slide in my screen (plus stack of printed thesis beside me hoho).
Gotta prepare presentation for the conference on Wed-Fri.

It’s almost the end of Jan 2010, but I still haven’t summarize the last year resolution and write this year resolution….But i’ll do that for sure ^_^

Get ready for the conference and the ski resort xixixi
Gotta take care of my self, since I got a cold since yesterday… : ( may be cos of sudden weather change from 30C to minus again..

and as always… hwaiting~~~~~~~

Another post to make this blog alive ^^


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