Snake mode on


Hey ho… here i am back again. Gosh I do miss this blog~~ Miss my online life kkk
So, after came back on Sunday 2 weeks ago with burned tanned skin, unpacked the luggage n tried to adjust with the weather change, then started to pack the bag again on Tuesday nite.
And it was tiring~ But also exciting ^__^

And now just figure out, since couple of days ago it was already snake mode on, but today is the peak (i hope). Well, it’s cos of bodyboarding (or boogieboarding) at 11AM in very sunny day in lovely Kuta.

It just took an hour to make my skin well-done ^^ the first 3 days after that, it looked like a bit half-done. More like boiled crab (read : red and get ready to be eaten), which really tempted my bro to play with that (of course it was paid with punch or scream kkk), and somehow it was good cos I got a natural blush-on for my cheek ^^.

But after couple of days, it turned to be well-done.

And now… time for peeling (thnx G, it was not hurt at all ^^).
And what surprised me just now, when I changed my clothes, suddenly i looked lot of white stuff are flying around, n stuck in my hair. Wait, it can be dandruff!!

And yeah it was not hohoho… it was the peeling skin from my hand. And it was a lot! Roomie pretty surprise with it too kkk, well, in the other side it shows a good sign ^^ Means it will back to normal, dunno either normal to the day before I went back to Bali or to the day first time i came to korea xixixi. Well anything is fine as long as not peeling for too long, and of course back to the day before went back to Bali is preffered ^^

Dear snake, pls don’t stay here for too long~~ ^_^

So so, how’s life?

Finally i finished the 3-days conference last week (read : 1 day preparation, 1 day playing, 1 day dead xixixi)

Arrived in the conference place on Wed noon, took a look around while waiting for the check-in time, then spent most of the time in the room preparing for the presentation slide and practicing.
Then had a dinner with all the center member.And got a msg that meeting was postponed to the next day afternoon (no time)

Thurs is time for…. playing ^___^ (though still dunno what time is the meeting will be)

Started at 11am, rent this and that, paid for the lift… and… time for snowboarding ^_^.
Took a sausage for a quick lunch and played again hohohoh. Till suddenly got a call at 3.50PM and informed that the meeting will be at 4PM. (Goooooodd~~~). And I was in the one-third of the longest slope (Perfect!). All i can say just….I’ll try my best to be there~

Finally reached the meeting place at almost 6PM, did the presentation for the conference preparation. Got several suggestions to modify the slide, then had quick dinner with a bit of noodle and rice.

Then….what else… snowboarding again huahuauahua…. 7 till 9.30PM. and it was absolutely perfectly tiring~~ but i satisfied with it hohoho.
Fell down many times, but it was fine~ just be ready for the pain kkk
*including pain from falling down on the slippery street – ouch- *


Isn’t it a great fall down position ? ^_^


As it was predicted…it was pain all over my body. Head, wrist, butt, knee, what else…everything la kkk. Woke up at 9, *thnx to person who belled our room*
I woke up (though it was pretty hard cos it felt like i turned to be grand-ma), took a breakfast alone since 2 other friends were still in their dream, then bought some waters. Back to room at 10.30AM, I was planned to modify the slide for 1PM presentation, but suddenly…

* ting tong * (sound of door bell)

“O hi, do you know that we should to check-out before 11?”

Me : (smileeeeee) “ok, thank you”

It’s just perfect! All i can said just… “Gals…we have less than 30 minutes to check-out”

Started to pack my stuff again, then went to the conference place with my luggage. While others went back to Seoul. Well anyway lucky i had slide that has to be finished~ and it’s time for rushing~~~~ Since i only had 1 hour to prepare and find out how to go back to Seoul hoho… *Thnx to my friend for her help*

Thnx God the presentation was fine, the had a talk with some audiences after it, then with my senior. And I only had 5 minutes to catch the bus~ So luggage will be carried with another friends by car, and I rushed to catch the bus… *lucky not to fall down again kkk*

Hosh hosh… Finally arrived in Seoul and had a very very tight sleep with all the muscle pain~~ On the next day, sleep with some salonpas in my body kkkk
But now, it’s fine… End of grand-ma mode ^___^

Thnx G.


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