2 weeks

I just got an info that I only able to stay in dorm till the graduation day, which is 18 Feb. An it means… exactly 2 weeks from now hohoho… (bit surprised since I thought I can stay till end of this month)

After that???
Still searching a place to live somewhere out there…  Still not decided Suwon or this lovely Seoul ^^. Well actually I wanna try to stay in Seoul, though will work in Suwon.
Hmm did I write work???

Hehehe, yeah…the future step is working in Korea ^_^ *thnx God*

So so… back to topic.

Why it has to be Seoul?
No idea, so far is just because I like this city. Though I haven’t tried to stay in other city.  It’s just I like this city~
But if in the end I can’t find and should stay in other city, that’s not a problem anyway. Since it’s just a preference not a must (but seoul plz~ *teuteup*)

Yesterday, finished to pack 1 box which filled with books. Not so big but pretty heavy….
Gotta do it lil by lil, while keep searching for a place to stay…

Still not sure about the type of place also, whether it will be sharing house or smth like one room or like dorm stuff. But just do it~~ It will be ok in His time, as long as I try my best and trust in Him.

Another thing to worry about will be… money wakakakaka yeah..start to be out of money. Cos renting a place need a starting money…
But again, try not  to worry bout it, since I believe everything gonna be alrite
(anyway, open for donation looo, but has to be > $100,000   huahuahua *of course kidding for donation la~~*)

And somehow, somewhere… Just got an email  … said :

Dear two outstanding students,

Let me announce that you will be awarded on … for your academic performances.


4) Wow, you will get some prize money in addition to the award certificate.

Huahuahuahua… what a perfect email in a perfect time, isn’t it?

Well, I don’t expect for the price that much of course (ok ok a bit la kkkk), but somehow to receive this email in this condition… All I can say is just ….Thnx G for ur bless.

Even to be selected as one of it is already a bless and it’s enough. Especially I never know about it…
But if there’s an additional thing, of course I wont say no *wink*

So so… in this 2 weeks… Still have to finish some stuffs (certain n uncertain), especially the housing stuff. Need ur pray support for tat~

Keep do the best n trust Him what ever the result will be~~



6 thoughts on “2 weeks

  1. huahhh Tata.. you’re great!!! excellent!!! four thumbs up!!
    I’m very proud of you.. good luck for your future..
    I guess you can cover the move-in money from His plan.. GBU

  2. wuahhh cum laude yah ceritanya…mantap taaaa…congratz!!!
    jadi malu sama nilai g yang pas2an n ga mungkin cum laude ini hahaha…anyway…selamat datang yah ke dunia cari tempat tinggal n pindah2 wakakakaka…moga2 aja barang2 loe itu ga sebanyak g…ampun dah kapok g pindahan…

    • waks…ga tau de cum laude apa ga nya hehe, tapi ya kepilih aja hihi *lucky kali ya*
      semogaa packing2 gua bisa beres cepet juga n tentuna proses cari2 tempat hehe…

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