25:55 – 28:47

Any idea???

That’s the cinema ticket for Avatar ^^ I watched the 3D in Imax mode and it was cool~

The unique one is….the hour! First time I saw the hour signed 25:00 was in Tokyo, and somehow I found it again… in here.. Seoul.

Pretty unique, since in Indo I never found it or I just miss it? Friends in indo, anybody every see this hour?

So, as it shown… I watched the midnite one and it was absolutely obviously cold kkkk but still…2 crazy galz went out, found out the cinema then watched it (with popcorn for sure ^^).
I can say it’s the latest movie that I ever watched in cinema kkk.

So if it’s written
2010/01/07 25:55 – 28:47, it’s the same with
2010/01/08 01:55AM – 04:47AM

Pretty tiring, especially I was in a rush for my thesis (yeah yeah crazy~). So I took an hour to sleep after the movie, then continue the day again. Additionally, couple of days before this day, I stayed up all nite for thesis too~~
But the movie was worth enough ^^

Q : Why should watch in this crazy hour?
A : Because it’s the only time that we can get a comfortable seat. I don’t wanna torturing my self to see this movie in Imax (read : expensive kkk) from first front 2 or 3 rows, moreover the first ^_^.

Somehow, i still feel the < 24 hour system is more comfortable to read than > 24 hour system…. But it might need longer space to write if the schedule is 23:00 – 25:00.


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