Searching searching

Hmm finding housing outside is never been easy huh…after swam on this online world, finally found some good site for housing. Tried to contact 4, so far I got 3 replied which said “It was taken” khu khu khu…

But it’s ok, may be that’s just not for me ^ ^ 1 still left but no one knows… 
And with the help of friend I found another option also ^^. As a result, I have list that consists of 12 items, which means 12 different options huahuahua….

Put this n that…and finally combine all location in one map and plan to go there tomorrow *if it’s possible*. Probably not all, since I already have priority ^^. But who knows…. Just try the best first ^^ and let’s see how the result will be.


Let’s see my beautiful map wekekeke

Some places can’t be assigned in the map, since they don’t give a detail one… Wish the first 5 gonna be ok ^^.

Well i think it’s so me thing… actually it’s possible just to go there directly n search…but somehow feel a bit worry bout direction n get lost kkk, so put it all together in a document and a map. Each option has it’s own pic also ^^ *what a me*

Some good sites to find housing in seoul:

and for the Guest house type (in korean)
What could be better for korean site other naver ^ ^

So…happy searching ~~~~~



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