I dont know, but…

Today’s lesson : I don’t know, but ….

there’s a way to find the way out.

On the way back to dorm with roomie, in front of a restaurant suddenly 2 korean grandmas approached us. One asked about a place that was written in her mobile, which pretty far to go by walk. While another asked about another place that I thought quite near from our location.
And those both grandmas spoke blablablabla in Korean… *huff – free from YBM, now time for real life lesson hohoh*

Pretty clueless, since I didn’t know the exact location of those place. But both of them also looked confuse. Then…tadaaa… idea popped up..

Brought both of them inside the restaurant and as the resto owner (which absolutely korean ^ ^). As predicted, one place is pretty near and another one is a bit far by foot. So one grandma just walked by herself, and another wanted to walk but…. errr… that’s pretty far by walk. Especially she is grandma….

Hmm hmm….
then tadaaa *lights on again ^ ^*

Then asked her to wait there for a while, n found a taxi. Since taxi driver will know the place better and he has car hohoho…so no need to walk ^ ^. Lucky it didn’t take too much time to wait.
Grabbed a taxi then told him the destination…

Wish both of them reached their place safely.

Pretty impressed with Korean grandma, they might be old but they look independent and strong. It’s pretty often to see senior citizens walk here n there by themselves. And the most impressed one is to meet them while hiking on mountain! And they just walked easily while I was breathless¬† : ( *shame on me*

Well, anyway… Glad to meet them… Thnx for cheering up the day by allowing us to help. Though there was language barrier and we had no idea how to go to the place that they wanted, but it doesn’t mean just say don’t know and leave them.

I learned, though I don’t know the direct answer but there must be a way~
Simple things, but sometime it’s just forgotten.

Thnx G for the lesson~


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