I think most of people might not refuse if they can get bonus while they are buying something ^ ^ * include me*

And that’s what I like in here ^__^ or korean used to say it with 서비스 (read : service).
I think it’s a good marketing method~

Last Sunday, just bought 2 things for face (oit oit..I grown up loooo…now already bought2 some stuff for face huahuahua). Anyway, back to the point…

Here’s the comparison :

Left : things that I bought, Right : things that I got (exclude the pringi ^^)

Sample of other products and 3 boxes of cotton (just a right time, since i’m almost out of it). At first a bit confuse what should I do with those samples, but got suggestion from friend that those stuff are good when traveling ^ ^ *what an idea*

And it’s not only for cosmetic stuff, but also for other things. For example 노래방 (read L NoRaeBang) or karaoke ^ ^. In one place around here, we said 1 hour to the owner with one additional powerful sentence 서비스 많이 주세요 (read : SeoBiSeu ManhI JuSeYo), means please give a lot of service (read : bonus) ^ ^.

Then what we got…

Right on the last 10 minutes, the time turned to be 40 minutes hohoho… and it happened twice. Means…. pay for 1 hour, get 1 hour for free ^_^

So, remember the powerful phrase ^ ^
서비스 많이 주세요 ^ ^


10 thoughts on “Bonus…

    • kalo yang produk korea kali ya lebih murah…tapi kalo tbs gitu mah lebih maaalll (dulu perna bandingin soalna hihi)
      ayo ayo yang mo ke sini saya mau dunk tbs kkk

  1. Hello, I’m seung-hyun. and I am a sub PD at Arirang TV.
    We are looking for someone to join us on our new program called and we would like to have you participate on our show!
    Our program features information on Korean culture and much much more seen through the eyes of foreign residents living in Korea.
    The program is 5 minutes long. It will be a great opportunity to create some fun memories of your life in Korea.
    My phone number is 010-5192-5581. (If you can’t reach me, my co-worker’s number is 010-7174-7964)
    I will be thrilled to hear from you.

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