Happy belated 3 years

Kyaaa… miss the exact date of this blog anniv hoho… Back to 3 years ago, Feb 8th 2007, I wrote the first post and now it’s been 3 years (+6days).

When I think back of 3 years, it feels like yesterday. But when I think 3 years ahead, can’t imagine how long is it ^  ^ What a time…
Hmm looks like last year I was focus on my back problem, till I forgot to greet this blog kkk (sorry dear)

But glad that this blog can last for 3 years, while the last 2 years is filled with posts about Korean life. Glad that from this blog I got some new friends also.

And still with the concept from Bu RT (a.k.a mama avel) , this is my blog, so it’s my world with my rules hohoho… (dun remember where did she state bout that, but I remember that I read bout that)

Anyway… Dear 7ustm3, Happy belated 3 years ^ ^


2 thoughts on “Happy belated 3 years

  1. iya bener kok, gua pernah ngomong begitu, haha…..blog kan rumah maya kita, jadi kita yang nerapin aturan2nya, kalo gak suka, ya gak usah mampir, kalo suka, ya mampir tapi yang sopan.
    Hihi…happy 3 yrs old blog Tata 🙂
    masi di korea tah? ngikutin blognya bolong2 nih, abisan banyak basa inggrisnya sih, maklum gua kan bisanya basa jawa aja…;p

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