Happy Lunar New Year

For those who celebrate… Happy Lunar New Year or Happy Chinese New Year or Met Imlek ^ ^

Gong xi gong xi.. Xin nian kuai le
(as usual, will be followed with…. angpao na lai kkk)

새해복 많이 받으세요~~
(read : Saehae Bok Manhi Badeuseyo~)

In korea, it’s one of two big festival (another one is Korean Thanksgiving). Unfortunately the exact day is on Sunday, so the 3 days holiday exactly on Sat-Sun-Mon, means…. only 1 holiday kkk . But it’s better than no, right ^ ^

And another culture in here is to eat rice cake soup (떡국) for the new year (설날). As u eat the soup, it means you are growing old ^ ^. So enjoy it~~

While it was sunny in Solar New Year, it is white Lunar New year in here ^ ^. Since it was snowing for 3 days in a row till yesterday, and as always, it was beautiful ^_^.

For me, hmm i don’t really celebrate Chinese new year. Just took advantage of the season while I was a kid, since children used to get angpao ^ ^. But as I grow, the advantage of being a kid also gone kkkk…

Lucky I went to the airport yesterday for escorting my friend. Cos in airport we enjoyed some free Korean traditional games and free rice cake (떡) ^_^

I think the luck was with us ^ ^, we got Duty free vouchers (which at last we didn’t use it kkk, since it only for a day) and I got the fortune bag for playing YeotNori ^ ^ *thnx G*

Anyway.. happy lunar new year for those who celebrate : )


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