2 years

Yeah.. the 4th post in a day kkk…

Feb 14th 2010… means finally it’s been 2 years I spend my life in Korea ^ ^ The place that never splashed on my mind before for taking higher education.


Because I was a bit afraid with non-English speaking country for study. (or may be lazy to learn new language? kkk no idea). But somehow somewhat His unseen plan lead me to here.

Start from the first time I came here, I was welcomed with the freezing weather. Still remember the feel of being surrounded with a huge refrigerator around me, right after I went out from the Incheon Airport.
Thnx G, now I get use with this freezing weather and still can’t say I hate winter. Cos I still love snow ^ ^.

I think 2 years is not enough for full-time tourist part-time student like me ^ ^. I just feel like I still want to stay here more and have new work experience, since I never have experience to work in company.
I should say the experience to work in university is very great, I felt comfortable with that. But some part in me said not to stay in comfort zone too long.

Too much things happened in these 2 years.
As a student, somehow I got a surprising experience as a band member hohohohihihi (never splashed in my head about it).
The experience to participate in conference is also unforgettable. That was my first time to speak in front of conference, surrounded with English native speakers. *wow* Also the chance to visit another country under business trip budget ^ ^ *Thnx G*
The last one is

Tadaaa… the chance to get an award (and prize ^ ^). I still have no idea how can I be selected for that, but I do thanks God for this opportunity.

While out of my student life, pretty hard to count things that I’ve experienced in 2 years. Went here and there for sightseeing or festivals, tried lot of Korean foods, experienced some Korean culture, got prize from my pic and blog, participated in the quiz, etc…
To recall those things makes me miss the moments…But life is not just for looking for good things that happened back there, but it also to create more great things ahead ^^.

I believe life as a student will never end, cos there will be more things to be learned in a new place. Keep learning~~~

Thnx a million for those who supported n accompanied me in these 2 years.

Never give up to try my best in every thing~
Get ready for different type of giants that wait ahead^ ^

In the end, happy vals too 🙂
Wish no shot ,like last year’s shot, in the future

*btw snake mode was off since last week ^^*


6 thoughts on “2 years

  1. I should say the experience to work in university is very great, I felt comfortable with that. But some part in me said not to stay in comfort zone too long. -> Agree!!! :p somehow i felt that I’m not in the real world when i worked there…well dunno what will happen to me next…but God will show His way…*lho kok malah curhat wakakakka*

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