Course Preparation

*part of pre-training assignment*

Feb 18th, 2010

Finally, just finished the “what is management” course… ^ ^. Still not sure whether it passed the D-5 or not.Since the training is on Feb 25, and D-5 will be on Feb 20. If minus Sunday, gonna be Feb 19.

Well, anyway… glad that I can finish it after the hectic in lab, graduation and packing stuff ^ ^.

About the course preparation, hmm… So far (i wish) so good ^ ^.

– Visa will be proceed on Feb 22nd, since the graduation day is Feb 19th. So gotta wait for the graduation certificate till that day. Hopefully there wont be any problem~
– Clothes. (checked). Finally I have more shirts ^^
– Luggage.. Not yet >.< but soon~

As for me, course preparation is not only stated on the web.. Probably for others too~

Since I should move out from current dorm, it means…. packing stuff for moving also counted as preparation ^^.

Sat gonna be an exercising day to lift up the boxes~

Photo credit to the KIST photographer^^

Also, graduation.Which means farewell with friends in lab *hix gonna miss u all~*.Today is the last day to go to lab~ But I think farewell is just another step to go to another new chapter of life. So, gonna have farewell dinner with lab friends *gotta eat a lot ^^*

Hopefully all the preparation can run well~

As always…My favorite word… Hwaiting ^__^


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