About Me

*part of pre-training assignment*

Feb 20th, 2010

Time for telling about me 🙂

Hmm me just a simple blessed girl from Bali-Indonesia who finally reached my dream to study abroad ^^. Yup, bali a beautiful island which part of Indonesia, since most of foreigner know bali more than indonesia..

I came here on vals day in 2008 and Korea is the first foreign country that I visited. It was all new for me, when I went out the Incheon airport for the first time it felt I was inside a giant refrigerator. Gosh it was soooo cold~. But luckily I get used with the weather now ^^

It’s been 2 years to stay in Korea and I do enjoy my life in here. Therefore, when one dream is fulfilled, it means a step further to the next dream. And here I am continuing my dream to work in S*ms*ng-Korea ^ ^

Language barrier is one of my biggest giant while I’m living in Korea (and it’s still~). But giant is not to be feared, instead it has to be faced and beaten ^^. So i’m still trying to keep up with this language barried. I took a language class after the lab hour and I enjoyed that class. Though I’m still not good enough, but at least I’m much better compared with 2 years ago ^__^

During my 2 years of master study in KIST/UST, beside the student (and researcher) life I spent most of the time to travel here and there, go to some festivals. Those experiences make me harder to leave this country.

Since I’m an outgoing person, it makes me become source of tourism stuff for friends, even for Korean friends xixixi. But I do enjoy that. Like people said….Play hard study hard! ^__^.

Till now, the craziest festival is Boryeong Mud Festival! I’ve never seen a festival as crazy as this one 🙂 *must visited festival in Korea~*

Going here and there is not complete without PICTURE and SHARING ^^. That becomes my another hobby since these 2 years. Taking picture is always interesting (and also being captured by camera kkkk). While for sharing, I used to blog it.

From taking picture, I got a change to win a competition *thnx G*.

Also from blogging, I got a change to get a free 3 days trip from KTO and VANK. Not only I got a chance to see great places, but also I got a chance to know more people from other countries. *Viva bloggers~~*

It’s just feel great when we got something from what we like to do it ^ ^. I think it’s quite describe me as an outgoing person ^^.

One quote that I like :

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. (Oprah Winfrey)

I can’t agree more with that, cos I never know what waits me ahead, but I do believe if I try my best in everything, there will be no regret for the future.

5 days left for the training. 화이팅~~~


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