Welcoming Spring

Yihaa..spring is coming~ bye bye minus temperature (bye bye snow : ( ). And i wish i can say bye to my cold also, it’s been more than a week but at least it’s getting better ^^ *Thnx G*

Welcome warmer season ^__^

When I heard about spring…things that splash on my mind is…flowers with its beautiful colors, warmer weather and…Strawberry ^__^ *Nyam nyam*

Suddenly think about changing the header into strawberry but too sleepy to edit it kkk. One thing that should be tried during spring is Strawberry! Imagine…sweet, big (yes it’s big ^^)  and fresh strawberry *nyam nyam*

2 days left for the training of new work, it’s gonna be 3 weeks in-house training with other 199 new employees. Hohoho… so many. So probably gonna be away for 3 weeks *quarantined kkk*

I heard the training gonna be tough, but let’s see the good side…Most of people lost their weights during training *yippi kkk*. It reminds me with training to be a teaching assistant in a lab, shared the hardship all together, shared the bed n computer with other friends, slept while doing the assignment hohoho…

I heard this training gonna be like excersice in the morning, then learn about this and that… and no idea for the rest. One thing for sure…I’ll keep trying my best for it, though it wont be easy, it doesn’t mean I have to runaway from it. A bit worry about that, but also exciting, since there will be other people that gonna do it together.

As always….hwaiting~~~~


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