The weather…

is shown that winter still jealous with the coming spring. Which is called 꽃샘추위 (KkotSaemChuWi). First time I posted about it is last year on March (also) Good to trackback last year’s condition, since I’m so curious whether last year was this cold n windy or now…

Anyway yesterday’s weather forecast reminded people about this jealousy, which means people gotta be careful with the sudden drop

And the weather was -2 – 11C…What a weather..

After snow in spring on last Wed (Mar 17th) then the 꽃샘추위 on yesterday, and today we have yellow dust (황사). So complete hohoho..

Just get ready for the yellow dust and extreme windy days~

Have a good weekend..


4 thoughts on “The weather…

    • hohoh baru abis rebes training2 ci.. masi sisa 2 hari lagi huff huff…
      huahuahua..boro boro windy ci… kayak ga tau tata aja huahua
      *sambil bayangin daku pake rok mini~~~*

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