Welcome Sprrrrrrinng~

Mar 26, 2010. -2C outside *brrr*

And one sentence to start the day is…

Happy happy happy bday mommy ^______^ *muach muach*
Too bad i can’t be there, but..my heart is always with u~~ *hug hug*

As it’s predicted from the title, today is another day for winter jealousy(꽃샘추위). Last nite it was so freezing outside.

Yeah today gonna be -3 till 6C. When I try to look back last year’s weather, it’s pretty the same, even last year was worse i guess. Cos last year it reached 20 before the 꽃샘추의 came, while this year the temperature didn’t reach 20C so far.
The good point is…. i still can wear my winter clothes hohoho ^ ^

As spring is coming, it means time for flower festival ^^ yippi yippi colorful day is coming~
Some flower fest that I found for this month (march 2010) :
Tulip festival in everland till May 2
(gotta wait.. i heard there might be a disc for S*mS*ng employee hihihi)
Flower festival in Seoul Grand Park till Apr 25

And spring in Korea is not complete without….Cherry Blossom ^___^
This year must-to-go place is Namsan! ^^ since i’ve never been there for the cherry blossom : (. Still thinking will i go to JinHae or Yeouido for the cherry blossom again or not…

Hmmm…. Let’s see ^_^

Have a good drrraaayy~~~ Weekend is coming ^^



6 thoughts on “Welcome Sprrrrrrinng~

  1. wua.. tulip festival.. pasti bagus ya… too bad gua ke korea pas musim panas jadi gak banyak bunga ihiks… abis mo cari yang paling murah sih tiketnya waktu itu hihihi 😛

  2. wew.. disana ada tulip festival ?! g.. pengen banget liat bunga tulip beneran wakakaka.. dulu udah pernah di bawain black roses ama tantenya temen g, kerenn boo~ cuma dulu g enggak mudeng cara ngeringin, jadi pas layu buang deh hiks.. nyesellll!!!

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