2009 checklist

Yes, call it late, but better late than not ^_^.
Let’s just go to the point~ Time for checking my self.

Period : 2009 – Feb 2010 (since a new start is Mar 2010 ^^)

The result of 2009 resolution is….

1. Something for lab (+) (at least 1)
Hoho so blessed, can’t believe but it’s true ^_^ My short paper was accepted in Tabletop conference *thnx thnx G*. And not only one, I also got another chance to present in HCI Korea 2010 Conference last Jan.

2. Thesis defense (+)
Fyuh, finally I had my defense on Dec 7th 2009. One of the big giant of the year ^^. Thnx a lot for mom n dad for their encouragement. Also for friends~~
Kamsa kamsa…
And finally finished the revisionS on Jan 2010 *hosh hosh*

3. GPA > 4 (+)
Hohoho..pretty close… finally it is ended with 4.1 of 4.5. *thnx G*

4. Saving (–)
Hix still fail for this stuff…But at least I went back last January kkk *lucky I had the 500,000 voucher hohoho*

5. Inviting n funding parents to come (–)
Another hix… I think if no.4 is fail, this resolution gonna be hard to make it possible…Arrghhh..

6. Choir (+)
For this part, I got more more than I thought. I got a chance to serve in church choir every week (Chancel Choir). And also I got a chance to participate in another choir and had a Messiah Concert last Xmas. *unpredictable bless~..thnx G*

7. Social works (+)
Thnx G, I got a chance to participate in volunteer work on Chusok last year. It was  a bless to serve the senior citizen through making the rice cake and delivering it to some houses.
I was impressed to see senior citizens, in their 90’s they lived alone. But also a bit sad, cos no family around them : ( I wish i can do more~

8. TOP*K (+)
Hohoho.. in the middle of uncertainty, finally i registered my self to take it. And yippee..I passed the Level 3 ^_^ Thnx G~

9. New country (+)
Can’t believe but it’s true ^___^ relate with the no.1. Since the paper is accepted in conference, I got a great chance to go there and present it. Which means, I went there with supported fund from school hohooho…
Never splashed on my mind that i’ll be able to go to Canada on Nov 09, especially this beautiful city with its rockies. And know what, that was my first time to go to English-speaking country… hohohoho… *unbelievable*
Thnx God~~

10. Ski resort (+)
Hohoho, it’s another unpredicted bless also… Since I got a chance to present in H*I Korea 2010 and it was held in ski resort, means….. I got another free stay in Ski Resort on Jan 2010, and 2 times snow-boarding (one is free, one is I paid for that). It was absolutely tiring, but it was great~~~

11. Job? (+)
One quote that splash in my mind now…

All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them (Walt Disney)

Though I had no direction at first, but slowly but sure God did lead me for this. Here I am pursuing my next dream after studying abroad ^^. And guess what, though it’s korean company, but all the process and training were in English! What a blessed I am. Thnx G.

12. Wake up earlier (-)
Hmm hmm this one pretty hard to measure. But I think i still didn’t success enough for this. : ( Gotta improved more and make it measurable!

13. Healthy life (-)
Hmm hmm heatlhier??? Hmm hmm at least I didn’t eat pringi as much as 2 years ago hahaha, could i count it as healthier? xixixi
But in overall, i still dont feel i achieve this resolution.
*again, gotta make it measurable for the next!*

14. Late record (-)
Hmm hmm…these 3 numbers look simple, but it’s hard! Cos it relates with self-management, which I still not able to do it well. Hmm hmm gotta improve on it!

15. Visit new place(s) (+)
I don’t know how to express 2009’s blesses.
I went to beautiful Jinhae on March, then free-trip to Jeju with Lab hoho. First part of summer holiday I went to some places by myself kkkk, while the second part of summer holiday, I got a chance to visit some parts from GyeongSan provice (GyeongJu, Ulsan, Busan) and stay in friend’s place ^^.
The unpredictable one was I got a a chance to have 3days free trip^__^ hohohoho…
And Banff, the highlights of the year ^__^.

Gosh..so many huh hahahaha…
Thnx God for all the chances to see new places….

16. Prince… (_)
Hmm hmm… hohoho hohoho… looks like the prince is still in far far away place kkk
*no idea~*

Huff..end of checklist…

And i think i should mention some unpredictable interesting things like performing with Luwak band, participating in the quiz and being interviewed (again) in the radio hohoho… Interesting unpredictable experiences ^_^

If i try to look this checklist, I do really really feel so blessed. Because I know, all of that wont be happened if it’s not because of His help.

Looks like most of resolutions are achieved, except the one that relates with self-management : (…dear me, you should learn that looo~~~

Thnx God for allowing me to have this blessing year.


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