2010 resolution

Mar 29, 2010
08:20AM 4C sunny outside.

It’s the end of third month and here I am writing the resolution for this year 2010 hohoho..Feel like going back to time when I wrote for 2008 resolution, cos the condition is almost the same. Cos 2008 is adjusting time for me to new step and 2010 gonna be adjusting time for a higher step.

1. (comes from no.4 last year) SAVING
Come on… I should be able looo…

2. (comes from no.5 last year) Inviting parents to come here
I believe when 1 is done, this resolution is possible as well… *n i don’t wanna 3 minus for next year : ( *

3. Well adjustment in working place
Since it’s my first time to work in company, I have no idea how will it be… Hopefully I can adjust well with this new environment and colleagues

4. Learn learn n learn
New place, new condition, new challenge mean gotta learn n learn n learn about the system in work.

5. Korean language
I’m not pushing my self for the advance level yet, instead I’ll be more focus on working situation. Though it’s said we’re gonna use English, but I believe that if I can speak more Korean, it might help me to learn more.
*more focus on communication*
Higher one will be, pass the advance hohoho but it’s not priority

6. Another language
Yup, i do have interest in learning language. Wish i could pick up one language and know the basic communication for it
*good for right brain growth looo xixixi*

7. Completely read (a) book(s)
Well, at least i bought one Chicken Soup (for working woman lo hihi) yesterday, let’s see how long it will take to finish it hihihi.
*jadi keinget buku c ceemot hihihi*

8. Healthy life
Gotta it measurable now hohoo… Hmmm target for this year….height-110 (+/- 5%)
*ouch…sounds scary hohoho, but let’s try~~~*

9. Social Works
I do wanna do more social works~

10. New places in Korea!

11. Own place
Rent a small place with room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony will be ok hihihihi
*at least when parents come, we can stay together ^__^*

12. Mr.Prince…
*wink wink* hohohoho

Not as many as before, but i think it’s not easy…
Hwaiting~~~ *gotta start the day…hohoo*

Have a good day~~~


4 thoughts on “2010 resolution

  1. Tata, i love your new year’s resolution!
    Especially #12 ! Hwaiting!
    Gosh, I so wanna visit you there, but things seem to be overloaded on my end 😉
    Anyhow, wish you good luck on the new job, and take care!

    PS: are we still on for the makeup thing ? ^_*

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