in Black…

April 14th 2010

– Means…2 years 2 months ^ ^-

And another point is…
if (Feb 14 == Vals day && Mar 14 == White day) then….Apr 14 is….BLACK DAY

I guess it’s a thing that only happen in Korea. So what’s about this black day?

if (Vals Day == girl gives choco++ to boy && White Day == boy gives candy++ to girl)
then BLACK DAY == ….. those who didn’t get any choco nor candy celebrate their day and eat BLACK NOODLE (called jjajangmyeon – 짜장면) ^ ^ *nyam nyam*
Hohoho..interesting ^^.

Image Source from Wikipedia

And another thing interesting thing about this black noodle is : it’s categorized as chinese food in Korea. Which means it’s only sold in Chinese Restaurant. But actually, it’s not Chinese food!! So be careful with it ^^ Don’t go to China specially for this ^^ (since it’s not originally from there).
Friend said Jjajangmyeon in China Town-Incheon is worth to try ^^ *someday may be~*

And as for me…today’s lunch and dinner was…black noodle hahaha…well it’s nyummy anyway : ).

Since one resto near my-soon-going-to-be-a-new-room-in Sillim offers free JjaJangMyeon if you order one main dish. Hohoho….It’s hard to reject free meal^^


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