wow..it’s been half of months not coming here.. *miss this blog*

Well..life is good, i do like my work (though it’s tough ^^), but as long as I can enjoy it, then it will be fine ^___^. Feel blessed surrounding by good colleagues and awesome boss.

Finally I can fully take a rest this weekend. (especially after having this tough week)
Headache and cold since 2 days ago…. Bye bye~~~ Sleep (n panadol kk) is da bez

Now feel much much better after having ENOUGH sleep kkk…
Time to enjoying my time , take a rest in this lovely room

Have a good cold-spring weekend ^____^

*taken Apr 25*

Finally went there last week ^ ^


14 thoughts on “^____^

    • *manggut*
      hahaha sadizzz… kalo gitu daku mau nongkrong di bawah puhunnya de *sambil bawa kamera*… sementara ad orang yang nendang2in puhunna

  1. ta…mari kita tetap di tempat masing2, biar bisa saling mengunjungi nantinya…*g nih yang harus lebih usaha hahaha…loe mah dah dapet kerjanya :p *

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