Once is enough

Tue, May 4th 2010 12:39 *17C outside and i’m in my lovely room ^^*

Though I like new experience, new thing, new stuff.. but for this it’s enough to have this kinda experience one time! *dun wanna have it again*

Well the good side is I could have an experience in this stuff.
What’s that????

I lost my passport : (

The biggest possibility was I lost it 2 weeks ago when I went for hiking out of Seoul. Yes, hiking! Actually it was unexpected trip, since I thought it’s just kinda trip to enjoy the spring, but somehow it was hiking trip. And it was tiring, for sure *but the view paid it all ^^*

Back to the main story…

*grumbling mode on*

Just realize that last week, a week after hiking, a day after moving to the new place. Called the embassy (emb) to ask how to process it, of course some documents were needed to make a new one
– Certificate of employment
– Copy of contract
– Copy of prev passport
– Information from Police station that I lost my passport.

So after came to the office in the morning, I went out to police station then to emb. Since office is 1.5 hour from Seoul, it took time : ( And guess what, the weather was just PERFECT. Nothing could have been better than chilly windy cloudy gloomy spring and I had to go out cos of my own stupidity : (

When I arrived in police station, it was lunch time (12), so the officer said I should wait till 1PM *hix*. But luckily the officer came back from lunch at 12:15. So I could save more time.

Took a taxi to emb, but unfortunately…it was lunch time *again : ( * but this time was until 1:30PM *waks*. Since i was terribly hungry, I stopped by to get nyummy Albab in the building next to the emb.

Took a picture for passport, then had a lunch. At 13:30, tried to call the emb, someone picked up *huray*, but when asked to be connected to passport, no one picked it up : (.

Arrggghhhh it’s just not my day. I was in the building where I have to transfer the fee for making the new passport. I just wanted to ask how to transfer the fee, but no one picked up the phone…. I called more than 10 times, in each times there were 40 waiting beeps and the result was …. the same : (. Someone picked up, but when it was connected to passport part, no one picked it up.
And finally someone picked it up at 13:50. And UNFORTUNATELY I can’t just transfer the fee directly, instead I should go there first, check this and that and go back to this building to transfer the fee then go back to the emb to bring the receipt. *Perfect*
And again, the weather was just great! On that time rain made the weather complete.

Had no choice but to go there, process this and that, then got the form to transfer the fee. Went to the building where I just came from, transfer the fee as it’s written and went back again to show the receipt. And just wait.


Not long after I enjoy the seat.. “oopss sorry I put the wrong number for the fee, if u lost it the fee for making a new passport is $xx, so u need to transfer $xx more”.

Means…………….. I should went out again, while the rain was getting “better” and the wind was just perfect enough to make “U-shape” umbrella couple of timeS.

So..just went to building across the emb, paid the fee and came back to the emb.
Had nothing to do but wait and try to calm my self down.
At first, I was planning to go back to office after..but.. no idea~ Since i had to go to immigration to process the change of passp number.

Finally got a new passport around 3PM. Took a taxi to the immigration.

Well, the good part was finally I went to immigration to report change of address. Though it has to be in this way : (

Well I think it’s just not my day : (
Got trapped in “perfect” situation cos of my own carelessness.
But the bright side was finally I have a new passport and my data in immigration are updated.

Lesson learned : ONE TIME IS ENOUGH! Don’t lose it again!

huff….lucky it’s a new week new month now…

Feel much better after write it all

*grumbling mode off*


8 thoughts on “Once is enough

  1. setidaknya jadinya kalo pulang indo ga usah bayar fiskal kan ta?
    *setau g kalo di passport kita ada alamat luar negri jadinya ga usah bayar fiskal :p *

  2. wew.. dobel2 an masalah e…
    berarti ndak kerja donk kemarin? btw, ini kemarin kan ya? soale kok merasa angin tak kencang2 amat. hmm.. apa karena di lab terus ya? hehehe..
    eniwei… Selamat dapat passport baru. 😉

  3. kok isa ilang ?! emang disana itu pasport na dibawa2 terus yah ?! g klo ke LN karena takut pasport ilang di negara orang biasanya selalu g tinggal di hotel wakakaka.. padahal katanya kalo kita ke LN pasport jadi tanda pengenal ^^
    cia yoo 🙂

  4. wah.. kok bisa ilang ya pasportnya ta, tapi disana pasti lebih rapi kan ya prosedurnya, kalo disini keknya lebih ribet deh hehehe…
    jangan ilang lagi ya ta ^^

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