Quite Similar but…

Picture cropped from detikBandung

Picture credit to goodandbrad.blogspot

Looks similar but different?

The left side, as it’s written, i believe most of peps who stay in bandung might know this resto. I miss this place~ Miss being a part time during holiday kkkk, miss ai om cc koko n para ponakan.. *oops sorry for the mix with indo*.

Anyway… the left side is the logo from one of the famous nyummy noodle resto in Bandung called Mie Naripan *imaging Mie babat, baso goreng jumbo kkk*

And what’s the right side?

You’ll see it very often in Korea. Since I saw the the left side version first, so when I came here for the first time, this logo really made miss naripan. So what’s on my mind was there might be lot of noodle restaurants in here.

BUT wait… it’s totally absolutely different in here, in Korea!

It’s the sign for Sauna or Jjimjilbang (찜질방) ! Some of it are 24 hours.
So it’s kinda place where you can take a rest if u don’t wanna stay in hotel (read : if you wanna save) when you are somewhere out there in Korea.

Just get in, then u might see sauna room, whirl pool, massage chair, snack corner, biig space inside for people lying down. (And of course include public bathroom/shower room. And public in here is public! -of course female and male are separated laa-)

What a biiig difference~~~
So so..becareful if you see smthg that might be almost the same in different country. Because it might be different mean!

*suddenly wanna eat mie manis special~~~ with es cincau item*


2 thoughts on “Quite Similar but…

  1. ahaha.. gua kira tadinya emang tempat bakmi ta, ternyata tempat istirahat gitu ya, bagus juga ya… kalo mau istirahat bentar dibanding ke hotel mesti bayar sehari 🙂

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