Hello Kitty Cafe

It’s hard to resist from not going there after blog walking to this blog (thnx a lot for posting that post).

So finally I went there with friend on Children’s Day. One word for this cafe… CUTE ^ ^

Though (i think)it’s not latte art like the prev bear latte art

there’s no reason for not taking this coffee ^^

Have a good coffee time ^__^

For more information : visit Hello Kitty Cafe official website (K) and the map from the web for location or this naver map screen capture.


7 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cafe

  1. tataaa uda lama ga mampir kesini hihihi…

    omg.. hello kitty nya >.< isinya cuma kopi doang yah ta? atau jgn2 roti2annya jg bentuk hello kitty *ngiler*

    • Di sekitar Hongik University – Seoul.
      kalo alamat pastinya kurang tau hehe… soalna rada masuk masuk : )
      coba di klik official websitena aja~

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