One flower, different meanings


I believe it’s not hard to find this flower in Korea, especially yesterday (May 8th 2010) and may be next week there’ll be lot of people sell this flower again.

Once you hear Carnation, what’s on ur mind?

For me, what I know before was it’s the flower for funeral… May be cos i’ve seen it on movie before I came here. So first time when I heard people are giving carnation on teacher’s day…hmmm quite confuse.. did I hear the wrong information before???

After some googs and asking some friends, I finally found the answer ^ ^

Though it’s the same flower but in different country it’s gonna be different meaning.

While in German, yes it’s a flower for funeral. But here, in Korea, it’s a flower to show our gratitude to someone.(That’s why on Parent’s Day and Teacher’s Day, there’ll be lot of carnation around~)

Interesting to know something that the same but has totally different meaning in different country. What a various world~

*just found a good site which might be good for information before visiting some countries “10 fatal mistakes of travelers” *

So, happy holiday parent’s day ^ ^


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