What season is it now?

Hmm it’s been a while I didn’t post the weather stuff… but lucky I took a print screen of this uncertain weather…

In these 2 weeks….
Apr 25, spring was in the air, beautiful cherry blossom…
Apr 27, cold windy rainy day – winter was back
Apr 29, KoreaTimes said “back to ice age” with 4 – 12C
May 2, started to get ready for summer ~22C
May 7, cold in the morning then hot in the afternoon, then a bit cold again 8 – 23C
May 8, found a tree that supposed to appear in autumn??
May 9, hot Sunday 13 – 25C

Wondering, what’s going on with the weather….

Back to 2 weeks ago…

Sun, Apr 25 was a good day to go out, it was sunny and started to believe that spring is in the air. I went up to Namsan (of course by bus) and enjoying the beauty of cherry blossom by walking down along the walk course.

Tue, Apr 27th. Nothing could be more perfect than this day. Cold windy rain, crazy weather and had to go out to make passport *sigh*. And i was not prepare at all for the weather : (

Thu, Apr 29th

4C ??? Even Korean times said “Back to Ice Age?“, since it was the lowest midday temperature for late April since 1908. Seeing this temp, of course it was not spring at all : ( (especially on Tue that week!) *huff*

Sun, May 2nd (3 days days after)

Somehow somewhere…it went up over 20C *welcome summer ^ ^* and yes it was hot sunny that day. And finally got sweat hohoho…

2 days ago…Fri, May 7th

It was cold in da morning, but turned to be hot in da afternoon then a bit cold again at nite *hmm…starts to get confuse*

Yestarday… Sat, May 8th 2010

It was kinda hot in the afternoon, but it was better in the evening. BUT… when I went to Euireung (의릉) I found out this tree…

Isn’t it suppose to be like this in autumn??? Hmm hmm.. Is it may?

And today…Sun, May 9th 2010

It was a hot afternoon! Yes it said it went up to 25C . Feels like summer in da air.

Feels like I haven’t enjoyed spring enough.. With the weather like today, it feels like summer is ready to come. But seeing the forecast for next week, looks like it’s going down again…

Hmmm what’s going on in here?


4 thoughts on “What season is it now?

  1. cuaca emg lagi aneh ta, di jkt aja panas nya ga kira2. kalo malem gue ga make AC serasa di dlm microwave >.< kalo siang bisa 35 derajad celcius. tanda2 pemanasan global 😀

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