June 1st 2010 11:41PM

Naver said, it’s 18C outside. and tomorrow gonna be 14-27C (good good, still no idea whether it’s spring or summer)

Time flies~~ It’s been a month and the season is still unpredictable (i think kk). and more people catch a cold (yeah blame it to the weather), include me ㅜㅜ

It’s been almost a week huff. Hopefully it will be gone soon, especially since tomorrow is HOLIDAY ^___^ and it’s real holiday (read: not going to the office) yippi~~

Why holiday?
Cos tomorrow is election day for the mayor, …, … (dunno). So most of the people will vote vote n vote. But for me will be rest rest n rest

Plus there will be bit promotion that relate to vote xixixi.Well, gotta post it tomorrow, since this month’s resolution is sleep before 12!

So, just to drop by since i’m missing this blog a lot~~ (n the readers if there’s any ^_^ haha)
Good nite and see ya tmrw~~


4 thoughts on “Haluuuuuu~~

  1. di indo sekarang cuacanya 36C alias panas gilakkkk wakakaka.. cuma kemarin sore baru ujan gede sih! hihihihi… di tengah tahun begini masih ada ujan seneng juga sih ^^

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