Voting time~

June 2nd 2010 12:16PM(wed) 23C outside

Yeah it’s holiday in here, cos it’s election day.

I do enjoy holiday on Wednesday, cos after 2 working days, take a rest to recharge for the next 2 days ^^.

Yesterday just had a talk with friend, bout why it’s supposed to be on Wed? Her answer people don’t have any other choice but to vote xixixi. If it’s on mon / fri, then peps might choose to go somewhere cos of long holiday. If it’s tue/thurs, then peps will take one day holiday for longer holiday kkkk.
What a deep thought to choose wed.

While people have to vote for the mayor etc, let’s vote for another stuff in here hohoho…

So after got the info from sunyoung about the video contest in 10magazine, i was thinking should i join or not, since i don’t have enough time to create a new vid, combine some pics n stuff.
But finally I sent the vid in the last day hoho. And since 7ustm3 is snack lovers, so video bout KoreanSnack was made ^^. And yesterday morning, rahul told me that he likes my vid *hoho surprised that it was on the 10mag web.

Since it’s been there, so for those who like (or want to help) feel free to vote (#25) in here. (for those who vote will get biiiig smille from me ^_____^ hohoho :D)
And also vote for other cool videos~ (lot of talented peps there)

Last but not least, enjoy the snack ^__^

Time for lunch before taking the pills ^^


6 thoughts on “Voting time~

  1. ih 23C enak banget! disini lagi panas2 na, kenapa yah indo ga ada musim dingin, g cuma mintak musim dingin aja ga udah pakai salju juga gpp deh! hehehehe 🙂

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