The good side of working OT

Floating Stage @ Yeouido

Friday – June 4th 2010, 11:40PM (21C outside, but it doesn’t feel like that)

Yes, summer is coming! and this afternoon was pretty hot. And for tomorrow it’s gonna be 17-29C (good good)

Just like usual, today I arrived at home around 11PM, BUT the difference is I was back from Myeongdong not Office hohoho..And it does make me quite happy, especially tomorrow is SAT (read : holiday)

Well..I just realized for some people that might be just a common thing, but since I used  to work over time cos of unfinished stuff, once I can go back earlier (though it’s still a bit plus plus after working hour) I’m happy ^___^ moreover tomorrow is Sat ^__^.

Floating Stage @ Yeouido

Hmm I should say that working life is quite different. Work is tough, since lot of things need to be learned and done. But I’m blessed, cos I do like this team. So though I should work a bit over time, I’m fine.
Therefore, I have no reason to say I don’t like my work (at least until now ^_^). Though it’s not easy, but i do enjoy it ^^.

Thnx G for the bless.

The good side of working hard is…. (if you don’t have to come on saturday) you can enjoy holiday and weekend more!
and the good side of working over time is once you can teng-go (go back right after 9 hours) or a bit earlier than usual, you do really appreciate that time ^__^

So, work hard and play hard! ^^

Have a good weekend ^__^

Floating stage @ Yeouido


6 thoughts on “The good side of working OT

    • oit ada dunk hihi walopun ga banyak, ya cukup buat sekali makan de hehe
      itu stage..hmm hmm kalo sore jadi cafe ama aer mancur di depanna. udah tauna itu doang haha, mungkin bisa buat performance kali ya.. mboh ik hihi

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