Welcoming Summer

Yes, i believe it’s officially summer now in here. After so long, let’s see the weather forecast ^^

Thnx G i almost recover from the cold ^_^ much much better now. It’s just not a right time to have a cold in summer.

In the morning while i was on the phone with mom, i said.. finally it’s summer here and it’s HOT. Smart question from her, “What’s the temperature?”
So i checked in the web and guess what, it was 25 or 26 hahaha… I thinking i start to loose the Indonesian standard for the word “Hot” (or it might be possible the web was wrong~~ *try to find some alibi kkk*)

Gotta be careful with the big temperature difference!

And since it’s summer, so I’ll be away for 3 days ^^ Cos there’ll be summer training (or festival) from the company…hohoho, runaway from the work for 3 days~~
(which makes me have to work OT today)

So, time to say hi to Summer~~~  (from me n haechi ^^)


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