No more 37 ^^

One response when i posted about 37.9 that I got was. Is that temperature?

Answer : Yes!

But that’s the body temperature : (

Wed, June9th 2010

One day before the 3days-4night summer festival, I had a orientation which made me possible to go back home much earlier than normal work hours (read: >8PM). Pretty happy since I counted as a gift, and one thing that splashed on my head was… eating samgyeopsal hahaha. But too bad, no one was avail to go with. But that didn’t stop me hihihi. So i bought the meat from the mart and made it at home. Had a nyummy first samgyeopsal at home.

But dunno why, at nite I felt so sick, all the joints were in pain, felt so tired. And I haven’t prepared the bag for the next day’s trip!. Couldn’t stand with that : ( so I took my thermometer and the result was…tadaaa 37.9. No wonder!

Took inza then I pushed my self to sleep, I’ll prepare tomorrow morning. But couldn’t have a good sleep too : ( Got up at 2AM, wishing that was already morning, but still not. Tried to sleep again, got up again at 4, then slept again.

Thurs, June 10th 2010

Finally woke up in the morning, feeling much much better without fever ^__^ Then I prepared all stuff. Arrived late at the meeting point,but what can i do, couldn’t make it earlier too. Tried my best to follow the orientation before leaving in the afternoon, but i felt weird again : ( Felt pain all over the body (esp joint), sometimes blurry sight, and got a bonus blocked nose and head ache.

Cool~~what a perfect time to get sick!
Finally i asked for permission to go to doctor, instead of pushing my self to be there. And guess what, the 37.9 was back! Haiyaa…. no wonder. So i asked the doc, is it possible to go to the festival, i promised her i wont do the physical activities. (I do really want to join the soprano session).

So i got an injection and some medicines till weekend. And finally I went to the festival ^__^

Much feel better after having the medicine ^^ So I join the first day event, with the physical activity, since i felt much better. Unfortunately, at nite the weather was bit colder than expected : (, couldn’t enjoy the performance well : (

Went back to room and got my thermometer again. Well, it was better than the afternoon, though it’s still 37.3C.

So far that was the latest 37 that I had hoho…and i wish no more~~~


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