For Seoul Lovers^^

I should have said this MV is pretty good, though I haven’t watched the whole drama, but I do like the MV and the song.


Cos it’s so Seoul ^^. It does give me an idea where should I go in Seoul and it’s kinda good advertisement for the city.


Here’s the list :

  1. Sunyoudo Park @ Hanriver (checked)
  2. CheongGyeCheon (one of fav places)
  3. Noeul Park (not yet), just beside the Haneul Park
  4. Ttukseom (just passed by : ()
  5. City Tour Bus (hmmm… i’m a subway lovers ^^)
  6. Gwangjin Bridge (not yet)
  7. Gwanghwamun (1..2..3… forgot how many times ^^).
    PS : don’t forget the *cute* Haechi store!!!
  8. Hangang Park Cascade (checked), do visit the floating stage near by
  9. Dongjak Bridge’s cafe (hopefully this month)
  10. Rainbow Fountain (one of must visited spot ^^, of course checked)
  11. Dream Forest (checked)

Too bad there’s no my another fav spot, N-Seoul Tower : (

Anyway, target for this month (which is always postponed) : Dongjak Bridge~


10 thoughts on “For Seoul Lovers^^

  1. aku uda nonton semua episod. hanya karena Kim Tae Hee semata. hihihi..
    kalo aku yang paling sering ya Ttueksom. hampiar tiap minggu. hehehe..

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