Effect of W.C

W.C = world cup.

First game, Sat – June 12th 2010

Went to KFC for a late dinner, planned to eat it while watching the game.
Unfortunately, had to wait 30 mins cos lot of people there and no original left. Well, since i really wanted to eat it, then no probs.

Almost 20:30 one man came to the cashier, complained how long he should wait again. And started to get emotion hoho…his tone was going up… and the cashier just could say Sorry, since all people were waiting as well.

On the way back to home, suddenly heard “horraaayy” from around me. Ok, then that must be goal ^^. and it was correct.

While enjoying the chicken at home with tv turned on, another voice was heard… “aaa~~~” for greece’s goal and one more “horrayyy” for Korean’s goal.

Then felt asleep since still under medicine.

Second game, Thu – June 17th 2010

Came to office with red mickey t-shirt (yes t-shirt hihihi), thnx to W.C so red can be an excuse and finally has a red t-shirt.

Most friends did 칼퇴근 aka TengGo (in indo) to watch the game.
Me?? As it was already predicted that I wont be able to watch the game, cos there’ll be Korean class *hoho good student – after skip the class 2 times (eh eh cos of work n sick loo)*.

I planned to watch the rest of the game at home with pizza, but the queue was too long (bye bye). Changed to KFC, but no more chicken left. *ouch…hungry~~*

in the shuttle bus and tv was on. We were waiting for the driver.
One man get angry, cos the bus didn’t left and it’s been 30 minutes. And this time was really really angry (completed with the !(@!^#!#@#(@#& *hoho i understand loo*).
Result : everybody watched the game in the bus hoho.

First shout was “aaaaa….,..” one score for argentina. The second was the same. But the third one was the happy one and everybody clapped their hand, cos one score for Korea. Then arrived in the subway station.

First impression : “wow”. Because not many cars in the street and the station which used to be crowded, just for today not many people…hoho.. But in one corner, people gathered in front of big tv.
Me? Of course i continued to go back home.

In the subway, 50% people turned on tv in their mobile and I heard the same sound, which is *of course* the soccer game.


Once more, even the subway working hours was extended for this day hihi… so the last train was 2AM hohoho… cool~


Arrived at home, finally decided to boil an egg and warm up a milk hihihi…*healthier*

Well I think, Argentina played pretty well and luck played its part too ^^. So keep hwaiting for Korea~ ^^

Cheering for the reds~~~
All the best for the next game
Narcissist pose with that two fingers *which is so K*r*an style*

대한민국…짝짝 짝짝짝 ^^

Hopefully no more angry person around me in the third game.
*I think so since it’s gonna be 3:30AM hihi*

Time for warm milk and nite pills.

E:\camera\100617 – red shirt

9 thoughts on “Effect of W.C

  1. yah g sedih selama WC TV series enggak jalan hiks.. g sepi tontonan huhuhuhu! cuma ada acara musik doank, secara g enggak suka nonton bola, walaupun yg main korewa hahahahah 🙂
    kok disini tata nampak kurus yah?

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