Effect of W.C II

Just one word : Sleepy~

-updated on june 25th-

Tue, June 23rd 2010

Last week when I heard that the next game gonna be at 3:30AM, I was pretty sure I’ll sleep. And my comment when I heard friends will watch it was “wow~ I better sleep”. And for friends that said they will watch it outside in the middle of hundreds people, my comment was “Isn’t it too much?”.
Imagine…3:30AM, woke up then went to the crowd to watch a soccer game.I felt that’s too much for a soccer.


Yes that’s too much and I became part of the crowd * crazy *. I was trapped by my own words. Being part of the people that I don’t understand. And still I don’t understand kkk

Anyway, somehow somewhere once upon a time, a friend asked “wanna watch soccer in a cinema?”. I said “Kamsya”.
Another friend asked, “It’s in xxx” which is near my place, just 4 stations away.

And my response was “how about 3D?” *crazy me*
Somehow we ended with book tickets for 3D live soccer in cinema which much neared to my place (5 minutes by walk haha, I love that mall~)

Went back from office pretty late cos of work around 11, the arrived at home, but clueless where to wait till 3AM.
Since I’ll have a korean course exam on the next 2 days, so i suggested to go somewhere, i’ll bring my book, try to learn as far as I could. And suggestion accepted ^^

We ended in small resto eating snacks and I studied with the help of my friend. Time flew~ felt full cos of the fried squid and water. Time to move to another place, but it was still 1AM (still????)

We ended in cute room cafe ^^ and of course I chose Pooh Room hihii… the wallpaper of that room was Pooh ^__^. It just took couple of minutes for me to fall asleep kkk.

Woke up at 3AM and I got a bad sore throat, so I should give up my will to eat popcorn while watching the game. Well, the good side, probably I can sleep while others are watching.

And guess what? I saw they opened 5 studios for the live soccer (which is still not sold out). And yeah there I was…being part of the reds.

Plan to sleep inside the cinema was fail. Because, I kinda enjoy the game as well hoho ^_^ Hey it’s pretty interesting to watch soccer in 3D cinema ^^

Especially though Korea didn’t win the game, but Korea could go to the next round. The atmosphere in the cinema was pretty interesting~

And when we went out, mr.sun already show his light soo bright. And my comment was *Gosh what did I do!* hahaha.

Spent the nite with fried squids, slept in room cafe, watched the soccer and welcomed with the light

Which means, I only have 1.5 hours before going to the office *yeah i must have been crazy haha, but at least I’m not alone hahahaha*

So just slept for one hour and went to work.
Just don’t ask what happened at the office kkkk.

Just one word “Sleepy!”
(even during the meeting *d’oh*)
And it was continued with dinner together with colleagues till 11PM *perfect*
But again, it was not only me hihi

Good luck Korea for tomorrow’s game~~
대한민국 쫙쫙 쫙쫙쫙


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