Baseball with Coins

I put it in the list of one thing should be done if u come to Korea (or Seoul) ^ ^

Finally I found this place couple of weeks ago and it’s been my second time : ). And this place became one of fav place hahaha.

With 1000 won, you can get 15 or 16 balls that will come out bush…bush…bush… All you have to do is just HIT it! ^ ^

Be sure you have 2 of 500 won coins *well if you don’t there’s a place to exchange it, so no worries* then get into the empty cells.

Inside the cells you will be welcomed with the machine to put your coin whenever you’re ready. So just put the coin and be ready.

Bang bang bang * if you hit the ball ^^ since the bat is from stainless or something like that*

If you see the lil orange light on the right, it means you still have to be ready for the balls. But if it’s changed to the left side, it means you are safe from the balls ^^



9 thoughts on “Baseball with Coins

  1. tempat main baseball yang kek di pelem2 hoooo~ luthu na… kok main na enggak malem ?! di pelem2 biasanya mainnya malem *kebanyakan nonton pelem korewa*

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