Effect of W.C III

Probably the end? no idea~

I think it’s gonna be different if you’re staying in a country that participate in W.C. It feels the alll people are focusing on the W.C. Well, pretty lucky to be here.

Sat, June 26th 2010

The 4th game for S.K against Uruguay.

And I ended up in City Hall hoho..finally went there, being part of the crowd. But the rain stopped me. So after around 2 hours sitting chatting in the Seoul Plaza, right when the rain came, I decide to go back.

But pretty good to be black in the middle of the reds

I do impress with the spirit of the reds~~ And even though Korea can’t go to the next round, but I can say their game was great.

Too bad it was raining and I got a headache (or it’s good?), so I just went back home took a pill and overslept with the TV on.
While other friends, they continued to watch the game together in another place.

Nice game~~


One thought on “Effect of W.C III

  1. ini tata acaranya yang di jalanan pada duduk itu trus ada panggung na bukan ?! yang ada undang artis2 kek SNSD, f(x) itu ?! pitshu ada dl sih hehehe… kali ada tata di dalam video na 🙂

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