new stuff

*post from email*

yeah got a new stuff for this month kkk. Now posting from hospital hihii…just got a appendices surgery on monday. Got a sudden terrible stomach ache, then went to ICU. Then got surgery on 9pm directly.
Thnx God everythin ran well..
Thnx God for the friends, special thnx to Sunyoung for taking care of me *till now*

Well today is the third day, and finally can eat porridge ^_^ *though can’t finish it*
Now still walking with infuse stand beside me hihi *still have to bring it everywhere i go*, since the doc said i should move a lot, so walk here and there and now here i am in a room where i can rent a pc with inet.

Ok gotta go back to room soon~~~ can wait till Friday.
And hopefully can go out of hospital this Fri *if there’s nothing happen~*

Thnx God for the new experience~

*hopefully i have a quick recovery ^^*
*picture will come for sure ^^ but not soon kkk*


15 thoughts on “new stuff

  1. wah.. operasi usus buntu ya? masih sempet nulis blog hahaha… get well soon ya ta.. gua juga kadang sakit perut tapi gak tau itu usus buntu atau bukan..

  2. OMG taaaaaaa….
    btw…g jg bakal ada surgery dalam waktu dekat…tapi surgery kecil jg sih…ampun deh yah kita…jauh2 di negri orang pake surgery2 segala >.<

  3. wogh2 ternyata masuk RS… kemarin pas di FB ngucapin “thanks da dateng” ke Henny K kirain kenapa gitu..

    cepet sembuh d.. jangan bandel2 ya makannya..

  4. oh no, you got yourself a new ‘zipper’.
    must have been painful.
    but still glad that everything went well.

    no more fried chicken, potato chips and samgyeopsal for the next 3 months.
    only eat porridge ok.

    get well soon.

    • hoho ^ ^ can’t express the pain.. but lucky i’m free from that now ^__^
      Wooops… just had a KFC yesterday hahaha… *hands up*

      thank you ^^

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