Daily Korean Words

(dunno how, but currently I’m interesting with korean words which come from chinese words)

Just a quick note for some vocabs. I used to have a problem when learning Korean words that come from Hanja (chinese character).
But once I know it, it’s pretty interesting ^^
Cos it can be linked to other words.

1. 휴양 (休養) [HyuYang]

The 휴 is the same word with 휴가 (休暇) [HyuGa] and 휴일 (休日) [HyuIl], which means take a rest (쉬다).
~가 in 휴가 means times / period.
In dictionary휴가 means vacation, which literally means time (가) for taking a rest (휴).
~일 in 휴일 means day.
So it means day-off, or day for taking a rest.

The 양 in here means something that improved / getting better.
Just like the words 요양 (療養) which means recuperation or recovery.

So when you know the origin of the word, the 휴양 is not only recreation, but it’s like taking a rest that can makes your self getting better (either feeling / condition). Something that’s more about relaxing, enjoying something.

2. 청춘 (靑春) [CheongChun]

The easiest way for me to remember this 청 is 청바지 [CheongBaji] which means (blue) Jeans.
This 청 means blue / green / young. Word that indicated something new, fresh , the step to begin of something.
Another example is 청사진 which means blueprint.

The 춘 in here is another word for spring (봄).

Just like in dictionary 청춘 means youth.
So imagine the feeling when spring is coming, it’s bright and colorful. Something that can make cheer up, something that full of spirit.

Thnx to 경진 for the quick lecture ^^


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