Longest hibernation I guess ^^

It’s been sooo looong, kinda miss to write, but in the other side, I should confess working does really make me busy… *somehow miss student life ^^*

But I keep hold the motto “Work hard play hard” ^^

Lot’s of stuff happened. One of the best thing was finally mom dad came here couple of months ago. Not only that, bro n sis in law also came altogether.
What a big bless for me ^__^ I wished for mom and dad, but I got extra bro and sis in law. Thnx G ^^

Just want to drop by for a while, at least before the year ends. It’s already Nov, less than 1.5 month left before 2010 ends… Time to check on resolution list : )

And it’s winter in here now~~and as always thing that I will always love from winter is…SNOW ^^ can’t wait to see snowy days again~

Have a good week~


8 thoughts on “¡Hola!

  1. huahhh pengen ngerasain winter walaupun sebenarnya g lebih suka kepanasan dari pada kedinginan, tapi klo boleh milih g suka hari hujan aja ga panas ga dingin adem hahahah 🙂

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