Garden of Morning Calm – at nite

Finally after a long wait, I got a chance to visit this place called Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원 or people usually said 수목원).

From it’s name, it sounds like it’s a good place to be visited in morning… Hmm but somehow, I went there at nite ^^ Cos there’s annual light festival. : ) *ok someday… i’ll go there again in the morning for sure ^^*

And glad that I made a correct choice to go there, despite the freezing (n windy) weather. Cos it was great to be surrounded with those lights ^^

Feels like surrounded by the stars ^^Have no idea how they prepared it… covered all the tree, leaves with these (thousand of?) bulbs. Not only trees, there are carriage, angels, etc…
Hoho.. really glad to be here ^^

 And the good part is, it’s pretty easy to reach there now. Cos I went to Nami Island in the afternoon, so just take tour bus directly from nami, and it will stop in front of it. It costs only 5,000 won. ^^

While for going back, just take the public bus there and it brought me to CheongPyeong Bus terminal.
And from there just take bus to Seoul, which cos around that price also ^^

I like it when government supports the transportation / infrastructure to reach tourism / good spot !
Refer here for the more info about how to get there. –> (English supported)

I can say, it’s a festival which worth  to be visited. Moreover the entrance ticket is cheaper for winter ^^.

Enjoy the winter!


18 thoughts on “Garden of Morning Calm – at nite

  1. Hi, It looks like a nice place to visit. How to go there from Seoul? And, also is Nami worth to visit even Autumn? How to go there too? I wish to bring my family. I would really appreciate your info.

  2. Hi 7ustm3, thank you for the help. I really appreciate it. By the way, do you remember the Bus no. to Garden? And, Which one is best to visit in the morning? The garden or Nami? Do you think parents would like Nami?
    Thank you again.

  3. @B
    Hmm there was no bus number cos looks like that’s designated bus for going around the tourism spots there such as Nami – Morning Calm Garden – Petite France. It cost 5000 won.
    Never been to the garden in the morning, but ppl say it’s the best to go there in the morning. 🙂
    N i believe Nami will be liked by most of visitors. It’s pretty good place!
    Half day would be enough in Nami if it’s not that crowded.
    Good luck~

  4. Hi,

    If i go to nami by Gapyeong city tour,
    do i still able to drop by to Garden Morning Calm and return by that city tour?


  5. hi…aq rencana mau ke sana sekitar januari pada malam hari, kan bus trakhir jm 8. takutnya klw ga kebagian bus klw pulangnya akhir2,trus aq baca di blog ktanya agk susah nyari bus,krena bus banyak yg udh di pesan. tau informasi buat pesanbus buat pulang ke seoul???

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