Notre Dame de Paris Musical in Seoul

Yeah..another musical ^^ Looks like Elisabeth musical makes me have more interest in musical in here.

So… After some thoughts finally decided to watch it, especially there’s discount for their last performance in Seoul. (02/24)

The good point about this performance is,,, it’s performed in English ^^
(Though there were parts which not easy to be heard cos I think some cast are French speaking actors..or just count it as my ear’s problems.. )

But but.. in overall it was Good :).

And because the story is pretty well known, it’s not that hard to understand the story itself. (remember Hunchback of NotreDame from Disney? That’s the same story ^^)
My favorite cast goes to Fleur-de-Lys cast, cos she has a clear voice. And I like the way they played with the stage, as there are lot of dancers even acrobats shown.

And lucky me, after the show the casts were out to meet and share their signature to the audience for that day.. Hoho.. so I just grabbed that chance hihi.. I might not know who are them in detail, but I do appreciate and enjoy their performance. And they were pretty friendly ^^

High-five-ing with the audience

Happy to have a chance to watch them 🙂

Details story :


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