Gwanghwamun Sonata Musical

Hoho still.. about musical that I like to watch lately.. As my friend recommended me this musical last month, so finally I decided to watch it ^^ .

The title is :  Gwanghwamun Sonata (광화문 연가)
Official site (EN) :

Date : 12.02.26

Cast :
– (young) SangHoon : Jo SungMo (조성모)
– (current) SangHoon : Choi JaeWoong (최재웅)
– YeoJoo : Lisa (리사)
–  HyeonWoo : Seo InGuk (서인국)
– JaYoung :  Jeong WonYeong (정원영)
– JinGuk : Kim TaeHan (김태한)
– JeongSuk : Goo WonYeong (구원영)

The overall story itself is about untold love story of two persons. A boy (Sang Hoon) and girl (YeoJoo) like each other, but because none of them started to express it, so it keeps untold till the end. SangHoon is a music composer and YeoJoo is singer. As the time goes, she becomes the top star in that time along with the songs which composed by SangHoon. Somehow, YeoJoo finally married with her good friend (HyeonWoo) which is a junior of Sang Hoon.

And somehow, the child of this couple  (Ja Young) is learning to compose a musical under the guide of one famous music teacher which is.. Sang Hoon.
And the story that he (Ja Young) wants to compose is about love story of his mom.

So finally Sang Hoon figured out that he is the son of his first love.
(note : this version is simplified version from me, as I watched it in Korean ^^.)

Besides the story, the main point of this musical is the songs which performed in it. It uses songs which famous in Korea on 1980’s.  So for most of korean, this musical might have it’s own meaning to bring back the memories on that day :).  As during that time, the freedom for expressing opinion is kinda controlled by the government (includes through music).

(For easy, it can be thought like Mamma Mia musical, which combines all of ABBA songs in the musical.)

One of the well-known song is 붉은 노을 (red sky?) which sung by Big Bang. While for the rest, I don’t really know ^^ and most of it are pop genre.

As for me (read : foreigner), it’s a good musical, as the cast performed well. But I don’t really get the deep impression after watching it…Probably because I’m not part of the korean music history  ^^. So it’s a bit hard to get the feeling from the songs performed there. If you like pop a lot, this musical is recommended 🙂

Looking forward to other musicals soon ^_^


4 thoughts on “Gwanghwamun Sonata Musical

  1. kyaa disana kek na sering banget ngadain pertunjukan musical gitu yah! errrr…. jadi pengen nonton, terutama yang ada artis yang g kenal gitu yah 🙂

    • ho oh..performancena idup abis di sini euy… mari mari… maen ke sini sambil nonton musical 😀
      eh eh.. itu ada 서인국.. baru baca blog pitshu.. itu yang di 사랑비 de kayakna.. soalna kmrn2 temen bilang dia itu pemenang kontes apaaa gitu.. ^^

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