SeoPyeonJe The Musical

(Another post about ..musical ^_^ I believe watching musical / performance is listed as my new hobby after travelling ^^.)

Seopyeonje musical (taken from Interpark)

At first, I heard it’s one of musical which has pansori in it. Kinda worry whether should I go or not, cos I’m afraid if it’s too heavy for me as a newbie in this musical world. But after saw one of english review in one Seoul monthly magazine, I started to get tempted..

As it’s written, it won several prizes at Korea’s Musical Awards on 2011. I believed it must be something ^^. And after did some research about it, finally I decided to watch it.

The things that I use to do before watching musical are reading synopsis, reviews and dig some OST to get use with it. I take it as learning process and I’m enjoying it ^^

First impression when I went to the place (Universal Art Center) was…nice place : ).

The cast for that day was (03/06) :

– SongHwa : YoungMi Lee (이영미)
– DongHo : DaHyun Kim (김다현)
– YuBong : JoonMo Yang (양준모)
– DongHo’s mom : YoungJoo Yang (정영주)
– Mini : HyeWon Moon (문혜원)
– Manager : JeongWan Sim (심정완)

And after watching, I was impressive with it. They have a beautiful stage. It’s how they can utilized a limited space into beautiful and expressive stage. And they placed orchestra behind the stage, on the 2nd fl. Not to mention the powerful casts, my favorites for this day were SongHwa and DongHo’s mom.

Amazed with SongHwa’s cast, because she was not only good in singing musical, but also the pansori. So it was impressive how she can combine those two in one stage.

I never thought that I can enjoy pansori like that. But the blends between modern and traditional for this musical was great. No wonder they grabbed the awards last year : ). It’s still performed until Apr 22, 2012.

The story itself is originally taken from a book. And 1993, it was made into movie. And finally musical version created also.  I haven’t read the book nor watched the movie. But from the musical side, it’s pretty recommended!

Interpark link (EN) :


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