5 years…

Hi hello… tadaa…
Happy (belated) new year.. happy lunar new year ^^

And yes, I’m still exist in here and still in korea πŸ˜‰


Found this cute bear stuck in the middle of the city.

Thank God for another great year… still cant believe that I can stay n enjoy to be here for 5 years~

Seems like 2012 is a melodious year for me… as I found a new interest in watching performance, esp musical. And it’s still going on ^^.

Ow and yes! Finally I had my first biz trip laz year hohoho… and it was Jakarta! *wow*.
It reminds me on 3 years back… was asked “what’s your expectation to work in here? N why here?”. My answer was simple… “cos it’s one of the biggest global company in KR and also in Indonesia. So I wish i can bridge the difference to bring benefit for both sides.”.
So, it takes 2.5yrs+ to see what i wished for ^^. Sometime, it’s a challenging stuff when there’s a meeting with 3 languanges mixed all around @.@ But it’s interesting and i’m enjoying it! ^^
Thank God for a nice environment in office :).

Musical, works, and…of course n always… travelling ^^.


Yey…finally I saw the sea from the top ^^


In overall… I thank God for a great year and of course mom n dad who always be there ;).
μ•„μ°¨ μ•„μ°¨ ν™”μ΄νŒ…!


4 thoughts on “5 years…

  1. tata betah yah disana! ada temennya temen, enggak betah disana, katanya orang na kasar2 hahahah ^^
    happy nu yer, happy lunar nu yer, happy vday hahaha ^^

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