Me is just me. Here i try to pour out what i think, i see, i feel about this wonderful life ^^

===== Updated on Feb 5th 2010 ======

Me… Just a simple girl from a lovely Bali which is part of Indonesia.

– 2001 –

After spent most of the time in Denpasar, then went alone to Jakarta for university in 2001. Though the first semester was pretty tough, since it was the first time to live far from family, thnx G the spare time could be used efficiently by working as a teaching assistant in the university ^^.

Never imagined to spend 7 years in the same place to work and study (of course include master looo kkk), but it was a great 7 years in Jakarta. Got tons of experience, especially not only computer-related stuff, but also people-related things.

– 2008 –

Then what happen after 7 years???

Somehow, the childhood dream came ^^. To study abroad! Since I never put my feet outside Indonesia.
So 2008 came to Korea for studying (master again but different major).

Never imagined will go to non-english speaking country. Since that never on the list for study abroad (cos worry to learn new language again). But His plan is different, and somehow here I am in Seoul, Korea.

And it is a great bless to be here. Since lot of intersting activities outside study can be done. Hmm dunno whether part-timer student full-timer tourist is more approriate to describe it or not kkkk…
Anyway 2 years living as a student is great.

– 2010 –

Soon to be graduate (in couple of days) and the next….

Working in Korea~ Another new thing that never be done. To work in a company.. Means… new challenge, new life, new environment.

So just let’s see what’s next ^ ^

As always…
Never give up to do ur best! N trust HIM in every step.

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.(Oprah)


20 thoughts on “About

  1. well 🙂 hi, i found your blog accidently and i got right to the post of the dancer. There’s a trick to it, it randomly sets how it will spin when it loads, if you hover your mouse over the image you’ll see the dancer flipped.

    as you see the monitor her hand on the preview which popups is on the right side, while the animted pictures rotates clockwise, thats how i figured it out and then i reloaded 2-3 times fast the page and i saw the dancer starting anti-clockwise, pause for a moment and then go clockwise.

    its not a good test, its phony 🙂

  2. Hi…i have just found ur site and it’s very interesting and ur other site is very useful because right now i am learning Korea.
    Anyway..i’m from Indonesia too and right now i’m studying in Austria.
    May i know ur email so we can chat sometimes..

    if u don’t mind just send me a message to my email.
    have a nice day n GBU ^-^

  3. hey 7ustm3
    ive just found ur blog and i felt like YEAH this is what i been lookin for
    so uhm im an indonesian as well, uhm livin in australia atm 😀 and just got accepted to SNU, sorta wondering if i should really go cus ive never been there and stuff
    may i know ur email? just to chitchat bit more bout hows life in seoul and stuff
    thanks! 🙂

  4. Hi 🙂
    Found your blog while i was browsing for Korea blog.. hehe. I visited South Korea recently (mostly in Seoul) on a company trip and fell in love with the country 😀 and i really feel like going back to study, work or anything actually 😀 hehehe. right now i am taking a Korea language lesson. May i know your email just to have a chit chat sometimes?
    thank you and regards,

  5. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your website and found out how you got the chance to study in Korea through scholarship. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you some questions about it since I also plan to do the same (applying for scholarship). Did you need a very high GPA to get the scholarship? And did you need to have a good knowledge of Korean language in order to be accepted? It’s just that in the form that I need to fill out, I need to indicate my listening, speaking, writing, and reading abilities in the language.
    Although I have quite a knowledge in Hangul as a foreigner, I should still say that my ability is under average, right? or should I be more confident? I hope you can share a bit about your experience.

    Thank you

    • Hi,
      I’ll try to answer based on my experience 🙂
      high GPA is good points, but i think that depends on university that u apply. Cos sometime ur portfolio/research background also considered (depend on ur major)

      For Korean language also the same, cos my classes were delivered in English. While other friends case, their school required them to have intensive Korean language course, since the class is delivered in Korean.
      So better confirm to the university first.
      But, if u have background in Korean language it might be a good point ^_^

      When I came here for the first time, all that I knew just 가나다 and took times for me to read. while speaking and listening were worse kkkk …
      But that’s just a matter of time and commitment : )

      I think to have knowledge in Hangul is a good thing for you, cos that shows ur interest in Korea which might be considered..

      Feel free to ask more~
      And good luck for ur plan..

      • This really helped! 😀 thanks a lot for your response. I just have one more question, how hard was it for you to communicate with the people there before you knew the language? My experience when I was traveling in China was, so little people speak English, so it was very problematic for me. How about in Korea? Did you always have to explain to the people you just met that you’re indeed a foreigner?

        Thank you again

    • Thank’s for your welcome and support~
      And it’s gonna be a great experience to work together 🙂
      화이팅 ^^

      앞으로 잘 보탁드립니다 ~

  6. hey martha.. its my 3rd week in korea.. and I stumbled accross your blog and aware that you are Balinese too.. so its nice to know that there are other fellow indonesian in the country.
    Im about to start my korean lesson.. so I guess by your experience with the language, you can help me give some tips on how to learn it fast! and about the city too perhaps…
    are you still in korea, though?
    may I have your email add so we can chat sometimes?

    • Hi tisha, good to know another indonesian too, esp balinese ^_^
      Yup still in korea, i’ll email you~

      My tips to learn Korean is just enjoy it ^_^
      Enjoy the life in here, enjoy the difficulties while facing with the natives^^ it’s just a matter of time to know more vocabs and understand it.

  7. annyong haseo..
    Hi martha.. wow you are a smart girl from Indonesia!! i’m indonesian too and interested to apply a scholarship in korea. i just wanna ask you about scholarship in Korea? is it difficult to get the scholarship? would you mind giving me some tips how to get scholarship in Korea..? i hope you can share your experience..

    gamsa hamnida..

  8. Dear Martha
    This is Mr Ahn, We have met this spring for IRDA brochure.
    We will hold Alumni Reunion November 17~19 on KIST Seoul Campus. I wish to invite you. Please contact me. Thank you.

  9. Annyeonghaseyeo, unni! I am currently attending high school in Abu Dhabi and I have serious plans for studying in Malaysia/Korea. I would like to know about everything, from the admission to the experience of the people and how well they can communicate with you since I’m scared people won’t be able to talk English. Do they, unni? How do you communicate with them? Korean or English? Other than that, I think I’m fine because I’ve heard people saying there are classes in English. I hope you overlook this and reply! Thank you, unni! xx

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