Das Musical Elisabeth – Korean Cast

Continuing the previous post about Elisabeth das Musical which performed in Seoul, Korea : )

There’s new trailer video for this musical. (Cool song!)

For more songs (in German), can be heard in their official site : http://www.musicalelisabeth.com/main.php.

Looks like I’m pretty lucky to be able to enjoy this musical nowadays. As it’s shown in the trailer, it’s the #1 rank based on it’s reservation. As for now it’s no.1 for the whole year.

And there are a lot of article which discussed about the musical, such as  (EN) Korea Times,  (EN) Facebook Note and lots of Korean article. Junsu (one of the cast for Death) does have power to grab more attentions, as he is one of the member of JYJ (on of pretty famous Korean idol group).

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SeoPyeonJe The Musical

(Another post about ..musical ^_^ I believe watching musical / performance is listed as my new hobby after travelling ^^.)

Seopyeonje musical (taken from Interpark)

At first, I heard it’s one of musical which has pansori in it. Kinda worry whether should I go or not, cos I’m afraid if it’s too heavy for me as a newbie in this musical world. But after saw one of english review in one Seoul monthly magazine, I started to get tempted..

As it’s written, it won several prizes at Korea’s Musical Awards on 2011. I believed it must be something ^^. And after did some research about it, finally I decided to watch it.

The things that I use to do before watching musical are reading synopsis, reviews and dig some OST to get use with it. I take it as learning process and I’m enjoying it ^^

First impression when I went to the place (Universal Art Center) was…nice place : ).

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Das Musical Elisabeth in Seoul

The Korean Cast

Just had a chance to watch Elisabeth the musical (in Korean) yesterday… Yeah i knew it’s gonna be performed in Korean, but still, really wanted to watch this musical. ^^

Date : 12.02.19

Cast :
– Elisabeth : Ock JooHyun (옥주현)
– The Death (Der Tod) : Kim JunSu (김준수)
– Lucheni : Kim SuYong (김수용)
– Joseph : Yoon YoungSeok (윤영석)
– Sophie : Lee TaeWon(이태원)
– Rudolf :  Kim SeungDae(김승대)

Two main reasons for watching it
1. Digging back the memories of Austria, especially in Schönbrunn Palace.
2. The main lead for Queen Elisabeth. Which I’ve watched through one of TV show and impressed with her voice, especially after watching this song.

Anyway, back to the story 🙂 Pretty surprise there were lot of foreigners that day, probably because of the main cast for Tod (the death) is Junsu…which I just knew from this performance.

Today's Cast

The banner

And just figured out that there are some tour packages to watch this musical as well, because it’s said as one of the best musical for this year. Pretty lucky that I have a chance to watch it while I’m here.

Because I knew the story a bit, so I decided to read the synopsis before watching it.
My impression after watching it…. AWESOME…

It was beyond my expectation ^^. The cast, the stage, the music, the costume, the voice. It was cool~~~ (especially for the Elisabeth ^^ I really love her clear voice!, of course others casts were great also.) I hope there’ll be recording for this…
Take a look video below

I can say it’s one of the best musical that I’ve watched ever. N have to confess the songs are still ringing in my head even after the show…

Really recommended to watch it 🙂

Official site for Das Musical Elisabeth in Korea (KR/EN/JP)  : http://www.musicalelisabeth.com/main.php

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If previous one is ho..ho..ho.. then it will be hi..hi..hi..

I do really thnx G for giving me this oppurtunity ^_^, i do really enjoy it^^

So, after 2 weeks preparation, the summary is :
– 2 times skip YBM class
– 3 times skip language exchange with 언니 (so sorry -.-) but one is because of the concert xixixi
– 3 times rehearsal in studio
– 6 times 노래방 (NoRaeBang, which means singing room, or could be said karaoke hahaha)

Finally, the P(erformance)-Day came… tadaaaa
well till the H-1 i still couldn’t memorize the lyric well, but my friends said, don’t worry bout that, people wont notice if u sing the wrong lyric, just focus on the tone…

So…here is the result ^_^
At first, i should remind, don’t expect too much hahaa. But for me, since it’s my first experience to do something like this, i’m happy for it, though i made mistakes xixiixi, but i really enjoyed it ^_^ *thnx G*

Here’s the video from our last performance, the collaboration between 2 bands

This is the song from Olympic 88 in Korea.

The rest of the songs :
Crying machine
Every breath you take
This love

and my fav xixixixi

Hihihi..finally i did it, dunno whether it’s good or bad,  as long as i enjoy it, i love it ^_^

The Concert

It was last week, July 2nd 09. I went to see concert in LG Art Center. And the singer was…. my fav ^^ Lena Park (박정현 it’s always hard to pronounce her korean name kk)

At first I saw the poster in Kist’s cafeteria and i was wondering
Lena Park Concert

Hua it’s lena.. I do really like her voice, it’s so powerful!Try to listen in here.

Then I just checked the ticket, but at first i thought it was sold out *sad*. Then messaged my friend who likes Lena too. And lucky i was wrong ^__^

After some discussion, the finally July 2nd was decided. Though 66,000 gone from my account, but it was satisfied with the concert. The place, the voice, the decoration, the lighting, the band… Great! And she was communicative with the audience.

And so happy cos songs that i wished to hear live, were sung perfectly ^__^

To see her concert before the P-day (which was yesterday) really give me big encouragement, especially to add some confidence. Thnx a lot to my friend who accompanied me too, cos it must be quite boring to go to concert alone. And thnx G for giving me this experience, to see live solo-concert like this. It was GREAT ^_^


Just wanna share what cheers me up. Just found a good cheerful song with good lyric ^__^

HaHaHa song from Girls Generation

* too bad the video was erased ㅜㅜ*
here’s another link to watch ^^ link

So…. keep HaHaHa~~~