Alps in Korea – in Winter

Finally~~ After a long wait, I reached the place that I really wanted to go in Korea. First time to know this place through TV on 2008 ^^. And finally reached this place called Daegwallyeong (대관령) twice hihihi…  *thnx God*

As most of people who lives in tropical country, one of the dream to go to 4 seasons country would be experience SNOW 🙂 . And finally, it was awesome to be here on winter when it was snowing ^____^

N let picture the pictures speak 🙂


It was snowing lightly when I went there, but looks like the days before it was snowing a lot, cos snows really covers all the place.

There was a chair 🙂


But those snow didn’t block us to going around, more over for some photographers who went there. Cos this is would be the best time to capture snow flower (눈꽃), which means the snow which stuck on the tree..


One of the thing that can’t be miss in here would be… the(cute) sheep ^_^

And lucky us, it was informed that it was the only time for sheep where the kids can be gathered with their mom.

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Garden of Morning Calm – at nite

Finally after a long wait, I got a chance to visit this place called Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원 or people usually said 수목원).

From it’s name, it sounds like it’s a good place to be visited in morning… Hmm but somehow, I went there at nite ^^ Cos there’s annual light festival. : ) *ok someday… i’ll go there again in the morning for sure ^^*

And glad that I made a correct choice to go there, despite the freezing (n windy) weather. Cos it was great to be surrounded with those lights ^^

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새해 복 많이 받으세요 ^_^

Hola hola… here I am, back again after loong hibernation kkk..

At first,

Happy Chinese New year~ 새해 복 많이 많이 받으세요 ^^
Gong xi fat choi.. Kiong hi kiong hi ( hong bao na lai wekekekek)

Since the Solar new year has passed month ago : p. At least there’s still a chance to greet happy new year 😀

Wish you (n me) health, happy and have a prosperous year in this rabbit year

Since I’m still in Korea, following Korean tradition in New Year, finally I got Ttok Guk ^_^ (떡국)

잘 먹겠습니당~~

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


Last week of November, first week of Advent…

And for me, it’s the first snow in winter ^^ Well I heard, it was snowing a bit last Saturday morning. But I was still sleeping hoho..

So finally today is the day for my first snow ^^ The day was started with -5C in the morning, and should go out for church as usual…
Yes, it was freezing… but when it’s snowing, it’s always lovely ^^ all the cold was forgotten, include my cold *sneeze sneeze*.
Have a good week~~

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What season is it now?

Hmm it’s been a while I didn’t post the weather stuff… but lucky I took a print screen of this uncertain weather…

In these 2 weeks….
Apr 25, spring was in the air, beautiful cherry blossom…
Apr 27, cold windy rainy day – winter was back
Apr 29, KoreaTimes said “back to ice age” with 4 – 12C
May 2, started to get ready for summer ~22C
May 7, cold in the morning then hot in the afternoon, then a bit cold again 8 – 23C
May 8, found a tree that supposed to appear in autumn??
May 9, hot Sunday 13 – 25C

Wondering, what’s going on with the weather….

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