A random post in midnite…
It’s been a while since my last overtime work.. and here i am, juz back from office *sleepy mode*

And the best friend whenever there’s overtime and starving attacks is….


Takkochi n friends ^^ especially in this cold weather (-2C outside).

Time to sleep with happy stomach 😉


Ten-Ten in Ten

Ten Ten Kimbab

I just realized today that the name of this stall (포장마차)  is Ten-Ten Kimbab (텐텐 김밥). I used to call it mini kimbab’s stall instead of its name.

This stall is located in front of YBM – Jongno Branch. The place that I use to go every week for my language class. It’s a good place to stop by if I’m a bit rushing for the class.

This stall is operated by 2 kind ajummas / aunties. And they do work soooo fast!

Ten Ten Kimbab Owner

So, why is it called ten-ten Kimbab?
Cos it has 10 different tastes inside the (mini) kimbab. They also have BulGoGi, Spicy GoChu, Pork Cutlet, Anchovy, Squid, Tuna, KimChi, Fried GoChu and Odeng (fish taste).
And because i like ham, so my fav is ham (for sure ^^). And i think they can guess my order, since couple of weeks ago I ordered 6 (+1) pieces and it’s all ham ^_^

How bout the price?
I can say it’s cheap worthed.
3 pieces : 1000 won
6 pieces (+1bonus) : 2000 won
And sometime somehow (like I experienced), the ajumma gave one more bonus ^_^.

I was impressed with their idea for this stall, fast food, easy to eat and easy to serve. Just make it, put it then cut it into 2.

And why there’s “in Ten” in the title??

Because… I just realized it that they made it sooo fast… I tried to record it today and count it. 10 seconds for one! Great~

* another recommended thing when u’re in hurry for the class ^_^ *

The Chips

Last year

Last year stuff

Well previously most of the time i’ll buy some tubes of pringi to accompany me doing things in lab, and my tubes collection are much less than before ^_^ so is it a good sign???
Well, now instead of collecting I threw it xixi, so number of tubes doesn’t guarantee huh.. But I’m sure I ate less than last year xixixi

And today i just threw my last tubes in lab, which means no more pringi tube left (for now).

Unfortunately, my friend introduced me to new chips which is quite BIG. (let the pic explain it more)

Big Chips

Bear : "Yow~ whazzup~"

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The last day….

Aug 13th 09. Partly cloudy bit sunny – 27.3C outside.

Today (09.08.13) is the last day of 복날 (BokNal) which called 말복 (MalBok – 末伏),  so it means it’s time to eat 삼계탕 (SamGyeTang) again ^__^. I just checked the menu in cafeteria and they will serve 뚝배기반계탕 (Half chicken soup with ginseng). Nyummy~~~

My 초복 (ChoBok – 初伏 – first day) I ate it for my dinner with my friend. And somehow I skipped the chicken in the 중복 (JungBok – 中伏), but it was fine. So it’s time for welcoming the chicken again in  말복 (MalBok – 末伏)

Can’t wait for the lunch ^__^

Have a nice sunny summer day~

*tomorrow gonna be 1.5 year since last year’s valentine, time flies~*

My 초복

Continuation of previous post about time to eat 삼계탕 (SamGyeTang).

Yup, finally I ate SamGyeTang that day with my friend ^_^. We went to MyeongDong SamGyeTang. Normally, in that kind of that SamGyeTang place will be very crowded. But lucky us, it was raining cats and dog when we went there (try to see another good point of view ^_^)

So we ordered 2 SamGyeTang.. And here’s what we had

SamGyeTang in MyeongDong

SamGyeTang in MyeongDong

And there was a glutinous rice inside the chicken. *nyummy ^___^*

New thing that i just found that day was the little cup on the right side there. It was a ginseng liquor (인삼주 [ InSamJu] or 人蔘酒 ) and the taste was soooo ginseng. But since she said it’s good for health, i finished that drink ^_^

And another new thing was about best friend in this meal. There are 3 best friends inside this meal, which are Ginseng (인삼 [InSam] – or 人蔘), Chestnut (밤 [Bam]) and Chinese Date / Jujube (대추 [DaeChu]). She said all of them are healthy ingredients and if three of them meet each other, it will give much healthier.
*but don’t ask me about the taste xixixi, cos after I tried each one of it, I prefer to mix it with the chicken while eating it hahaha*

The second day of 복날 [BokNal] was last Friday. So one more day left, which is Aug 13 ^__^

Have a nice bright sunny summer ^___^
Today’s weather is around 24C

9 Phases

Korean name : 닭갈비; 닭 (Tak) = chicken 갈비(KalBi) = ribs
English name : Chicken Ribs

9 phases when eating 닭갈비 ^ ^

1. Empty pan *waiting*
2. Meat and vegetables come in plus the (quite) spicy sauce
3. Mix n mix.. (the waiter will do that for u)
4. Ready to eat *nyummy~~*
5. Eat and eat~ But, it’s not finish yet…
6. Rice comes in~~ *mix with the left meat and sauce*
7. Put some cheese will make it better
8. *waiting*
9. Cheese melts.. 2nd round is started ^^

Some note :
– usually we can’t order for 1 person.. (2 is minimum order)
– The portion quite big (compare with indonesian standard)

Suggestion :
To enjoy the rice (plus cheese^^), don’t eat too much in the first round ^^
*some friends can’t continue the 2nd round cos they’re too full~*
For 3 people, order the meat for 2 is (more than) enough ^^ But again, it depends on ur standard ^^

Have a nice weekend~

새 해 복 많이 받으세요

Though lil bit late…still want to say..
happy chinese new year
met imlek
gong xi fa cai
새 해 복 많이 받으세요  (read : sae hae bok mani badeuseyo)…

Usually they say new year with 설날 (SeolNal)…so it’s my first seolal in here ^ ^

well, do i celebrate it?? hmmm kinda hard to answer it 😀
(i think) i’m a chinese-indonesian or indonesian-chinese..since i have this “unique” daddy eyes ^ ^  (errr… should i make eyelid in here hahahaha kiding) i can’t say that i’m don’t have chinese blood huh..
but, err i don’t have any chinese name  n when i asked my parents, they thought that since no one can speak in our fam.. since our grand ma.. so they didn’t think it’s important i guess.. well anyway.. yeah that’s me ^ ^ .
So how should u call someone who was born in A area, but her parents from B area, has little C country heredity and live in D country ^ ^.. just a thought 😛

Since our grandparents more “holland-spreken” (to those in londo, please correct this :p) and my parents still can speak a (very very) lil bit of dutch (at least that’s what i remembered when i was kid) so we didn’t use to celebrate the chinese new year in our home. (which means no angpao looo 😐 though i always tried to take advantage in this day kkk, but not succeed.. )

But I have 1 experience in celebrating it ^ ^ that time i was (a part-timer) in Bandung kkkk in my aunt’s place. So that time, we had big dinner in my aunt’s home at the night before the new year.. all big families came, glad to see my cousins ^ ^..

On the next day, i went with my cousin here n there… n that time i got angpaoS hahahaha :p so that’s the feeling, visiting here n there, then got angpao 😀

Well that’s the story….
Back to present now~~~~

In Korea, Chinese New Year is one of the 2 biggest celebration (the another one is ChuSeok) so usually it supposed to be 3 holidays in a row (1 day before n 1 day after). But unfortunately the Chinese New Year is on Monday, right? which means only 2 days holiday ㅋㅋ but much better than others (hihihi…i heard no holiday in Japan 😛 -bikin ci wil sirik haha-)

Additional information :

This row of holidays is called 설연휴, at first it’s hard for me to remember this word, but after our teacher explained it, it became easy now ^ ^
(seol) is from the word 설날 (SeolNal)
(yeon) is from the word 연숙 [連續] (YeonSok) which means sequence or 계속 [繼續] (GyeSok) which means continuation
(hyu) is from the word  휴일 [休日] (HyuIl) which means holiday
For those who can read Hanja / Kanji / Hanzi, it looks so easy huh…. but for me errr errr… it confuses me hihihi…
Ok anyway, end of korean lesson…

Go back to the story

Though it’s quite awkward to say happy new year 2 times in the same month, but that’s the tradition 🙂 so i sent some text to my friends…

And something for sure…it was terribly cold, i think it was lower than -10… and the wind was kidding..

What did i do??
Hmm not much, i just went out in Seoul on Monday, and took a rest (and clean up) on Tuesday.

Monday in 1 day..I went to
1. Wear Hanbok in KTO (finally :P)
2. Teddy Bear Museum in Namsan (it was so cute~~)
3. Namsangol Hanok village, cos they had some events for new year.
4. Friend’s housewarming party ^ ^ (nyummy)

Great day^ ^

Some pictures..

Wearing Hanbok

Fortune teller

Fortune teller

Wanna try??

Wanna try?? Squid inside squid ^ ^

Dinner together

Dinner together

And this is pic of the day
(my 07 of 52 ^ ^) …

hmm yeah..gotta choose one for today…actually wanna chose the hanbok, but errr…errr..this pic is more meaningful to me ^ ^ …

in this pictures, there are Indonesian, Japanese and Korean… for me, i still can’t differ Japanese n Korean…
Well, try to guess their nationality ^ ^ (3 in the back, 4 in front)
Since most of my blogger friends are not in here…then the winner will get postcard hihihi 😛 (due date till Feb 3rd ^^)
*tiba-tiba iseng pengen ngekuiz hihih*

More pictures will be uploaded not-too-soon ^ ^

Once more…

기축년에 건강과 행복이 항상 함께 하시길 바랍니다
새 해 복 많이 받으세요~~

translate :
in this year of ox wish the healthiness and happiness always be with you
happy new year (n wish you get a good luck)