Yey.. finally I fly again and have a smooth landing ^^.
Cos the first trial on the last summer, I had a great flight BUT didnt have a smooth landing…cos I was landing on the chestnut tree *ouch*. And that time I just knew that chestnut has thorny skin *arrgh what a luck*

Well well… to revenge the 1st unsuccessful experience, finally I tried again last month ^^. Thank God, the day was just perfect for flying! And the place was also great 🙂


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3 years


3 years ago, was hectic with the packing stuff to have my first time flight abroad. Never ending packing even until the laz minute, and finally got charged for over luggage -.-

080213 - Soekarno Hatta

Never splashed on my head that I might spend 3 years in Korea. But here I am, still in here ^^
And it much more beyond that I planned. At first, I planned to go for study only (err OK, with traveling desire of course kkk), but now.. I’m working in here (and again, still with traveling spirit kk)

Thnx G for the blog, as I can go back to how I was 3 years ago~

Keep hwaiting for whatever awaits me ahead~~


Longest hibernation I guess ^^

It’s been sooo looong, kinda miss to write, but in the other side, I should confess working does really make me busy… *somehow miss student life ^^*

But I keep hold the motto “Work hard play hard” ^^

Lot’s of stuff happened. One of the best thing was finally mom dad came here couple of months ago. Not only that, bro n sis in law also came altogether.
What a big bless for me ^__^ I wished for mom and dad, but I got extra bro and sis in law. Thnx G ^^

Just want to drop by for a while, at least before the year ends. It’s already Nov, less than 1.5 month left before 2010 ends… Time to check on resolution list : )

And it’s winter in here now~~and as always thing that I will always love from winter is…SNOW ^^ can’t wait to see snowy days again~

Have a good week~

No more 37 ^^

One response when i posted about 37.9 that I got was. Is that temperature?

Answer : Yes!

But that’s the body temperature : (

Wed, June9th 2010

One day before the 3days-4night summer festival, I had a orientation which made me possible to go back home much earlier than normal work hours (read: >8PM). Pretty happy since I counted as a gift, and one thing that splashed on my head was… eating samgyeopsal hahaha. But too bad, no one was avail to go with. But that didn’t stop me hihihi. So i bought the meat from the mart and made it at home. Had a nyummy first samgyeopsal at home.

But dunno why, at nite I felt so sick, all the joints were in pain, felt so tired. And I haven’t prepared the bag for the next day’s trip!. Couldn’t stand with that : ( so I took my thermometer and the result was…tadaaa 37.9. No wonder!

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Simple Things but…

Simple but meaningful things that brighten up the days


(in subway station on my way to catch the appointment)

Tuk…tuk…tuk… the sound from one ajussi (man around his 50’s) caught my sight. He was trying to find the way using his stick, cos he couldn’t see. He was alone in the middle of the crowd, people passed by.

I was part of the crowd, since that station is the meeting point for 2 transfer route.
“How can he knows which way he should go?”, “or may be he just want to go out of station”, “but why he is alone”. Those sounds came up in my head.
I slowed down my step, to make sure which direction he is heading to. And I saw he was taking the stairs, heading to the same direction with me and still alone.

Finally, I walked back and asked where he wants to go. Good to know that he was in the right direction. So we walked together and took the same train. He took off first and greet before leaving.

Thnx to ajussi for brighten up the day : )


Simple funny message reply from friend that already went back to Indo last year.
It’s been a year~~Time flies~ miss her. *happy bday bu rik^^*

Her msg makes me think again…How can someone said I look like someone from Ind*a?
CMMIW, but i’ve never seen people from there which has “mashimaro” eyes like me..kkkk *wondering*


Just back from the Korean class and got message from someone that I respect during the new employee training. She was one of the PIC for the training and I do respect her. I liked her session during the training and learned a lot from her experience that she shared.

“I saw ur video in 10mag and I like that”, she sent me the message. Hohoho…for me, get a compliment from someone that I respect really made my day ^^. Then we chit chat a bit about how’s working life after the training.

Thnx for sending the message and the vote ^^

Lesson learned :

A lot of things around me that can change the day~ It doesn’t have to be something BIG or wow. Even simple things can make a big change for others : )
Be thankful!

Thnx G ^^

Tiramisu Cup Cake ^^ @ Charlie Brown Cafe